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    I have it on very good authority that there will be a zero-tolerance policy regarding third-party software enforced on the "Race to Trakanon" event server. In other words, I believe that DBG will be suspending and/or banning anyone caught using any sort of software which provides an unfair advantage as players are "racing" on this special server.

    Therefore, ISXEQ2 will be disabled on the "Race to Trakanon" server. It will refuse to load if you attempt to load it while logged in to a character on the server. Also, it will unload itself if you join the server while the extension is loaded.

    This policy is for your own protection. Frankly, if you are planning to play on this server, I would very strongly suggest that you not use ANY sort of third-party software, including innerspace or ismods.

    (Note: ISXEQ2 will continue to work as normal, will no restrictions whatsoever, on all other servers.)
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