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  1. appleuser

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    Is there a way to permanently change options in config settings for Radar? I'd like to be able to disable 'clip Y axis' as when flying it doesn't pick stuff up below. Had a look in the files in scripts but couldn't see anything I could edit that might achieve this.
  2. IDBurner

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    Have you tried in the extensions/isxeq2radar.xml file?

    There is a section

    Code (Text):

    <commandCheckbox name="Yaxisclip">
         <Text>Clip Y Axis</Text>
         <AutoTooltip>EQ2 keeps Height information in the 'Y' axis. This will filter out spawns that are above or below you.</AutoTooltip>
         <Font Template="Black Font" />
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  3. appleuser

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    Thanks, yeah, tried that. I'm guessing it's to do with the times I use it on different toons. Anyway, not to worry, I just got used to unclicking Y axis when I'm using it.

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