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    For more information see: http://logan.warpigs.us/wiki/ogre/index.php/Tab:Raid_Options

    First I want to say, people should really only use "Limited". Full "Raid" options is used when I need to "box" a character in raid and I need them to be basically doing it's own thing including calling things out in /raid (which is generally bad).

    Secondly, you probably shouldn't be botting in raid.. ... .. :)

    The idea of Limited, is to provide you with information on-screen, and/or little "helping hands". Such as if you get a bad curse, you target yourself etc. Generally speaking, Limited doesn't do movement, /raid calls, etc etc. It's built to simply ASSIST you at raid.

    Many of these fights require you to have the Limited option checked PRIOR to engaging the mob (depending on the mob). Because there are triggers that start the special coding. Keep this in mind if you believe something isn't working but you didn't have it checked prior to engaging.

    Please use this thread for bugs, or feature requests directly related to Raid support. I will NOT script in things that are specific to raids (like move to this spot). However I will add things that are generic, like AE timers/counters etc if they are necessary (many of them aren't if you use ACT...).
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    I used raid today it was great I cured more nox during sages fight than I ever did or any of my fellow guildies did. Your movment was clos to where we fight so wasnt too anoying just kept hitting lets go and it would stop moving after ho went off. On maalus I could see who had curse and such which was nice as well. So will the limited still do all these things just remove movment but will still cure stuff.

    I wish I knew what you knew would love to have it setup better for my raids an such. I use bot for first time in raid today and out parsed myself LOL

    Thanks for all your hard work Kannkor
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    hahahahaha.. Although I admit.. The bot owns the shit out of me if I attempt to play without it. I can't handle the button smashing anymore..

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