Ranger Forage Script


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Ranger Forage Script V2.0

This is a Basic Foraging script for Rangers.
***New Version***

Simply select the items you wish to keep from foraging and click add.

The assembly tab doesn't work as of yet.

Type: /run Forage


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Might also want to add in something like this to make arrows/bolts

/assemblyaddingredient "Pristine Chicken Feather"
/assemblyaddingredient "Chipped Shards"
/assemblyaddingredient "Flimsy Reed"

Crude Warden's Arrow/Bolt Components
- Flimsey Reed
- Shortened Flimsey Reed
- Pristine Chicken Feather
- Jagged Rock

Plain Warden's Arrow/Bolt Components
- Straight Stick
- Shortened Straight Stick
- Hawk Feather
- Sharped Obsidian

Polished Warden's Arrow/Bolt Components
- Hollow Bird Bone
- Shoftened Hollow Bird Bone
- Cockatrice Feather
- Viper Fang

Honed Warden's Arrow/Bolt Components
- Brownie Walking Stick
- Shortened Brownie Walking Stick
- Roc Feather
- Meteorite Shard

Precision Warden's Arrow/Bolt Components
- Treant Finger
- Shortened Treant Finger
- Pheonix Feather
- Wyvern Stinger


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You may also want to add a few checks in there beyond if the ability is ready... Something like !${Me.InCombat} && !{Me.IsLooting} come to mind since you can't forage in those conditions. If you are fighting or already looting, skip the current forage cycle and wait for the next one.


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Hey thanks for the Ideas!

The bolt/arrow creation is definately on my list.
Also the checks will definately be added as soon as i get more time to learm. :D


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Version 2.0

With the help of Cr4zyb4rd, I managed to put togeather a gui for collecting foraged items. The assembly tab doesnt work yet but hopefully I will get that operational soon enough.

Added a GUI
Added a check to pause foraging when in combat. - thanks for the tip Smyrk

- Make arrow Assembly work.
- Save the settings so you dont have to select the items to forage each time you run the script.
- Add a Loot All option.

Please feel free to leave comments.
If you see an item that is not in the list of foraged items please let me know.
My Ranger is only level 37.

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