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  1. Hinge

    Hinge Active Member

    I've been testing out the new 'ratting' element in EVEBot today and..


    I'm using the latest version, .98 rev 555 (yes i finally got subversion to work).

    Tested it out in Empire, a 0.5 systems i frequent.

    Drone deployment is smooth, weapons reload, modules all seem to activate.

    I will try a level 3 mission tomorrow and see how it handles large numbers of targets.

    One thing i'd add (this may already have been identified as a need) would be a looting/salvaging piece to the ratting element.

    And with a looting/salvaging piece, maybe a cargo check option so that when the 'loot' fills the cargo hold, the ship docks, unloads and then heads back out.

    Perma ratter/looter so to speak.

    Thanks for all the hard work out there on this project.
  2. GliderPro

    GliderPro Active Member

    I would not expect the "ratter" to loot/salvage (except maybe special spawns) in the future. The ratter is designed for operation in 0.0 and, without on-board scanner support, will never be made to approach a stargate. That is a sure way to end up with a dead ratter.

    I do envision a salvage bot that can operate in the same system as the ratter and drop off loot in secure containers or at a POS. Once again, I would not risk having the bot jump through a gate.
  3. RedMan

    RedMan Active Member

    Most often if you are using the ratter where it's actually profitable (0.0!) then you would probably need to warp a few systems to the nearest station and I don't see myself wanting a bot running gate camps :)

    That said, having some Secure Giant Containers sitting at safe spots and dumping loot into them would be usefull.

    ALLL that said, the one thing I would like is code for it to loot the "good candy" off the "SpecialTargets" rats.

  4. CyberTech

    CyberTech Second-in-Command Staff Member

    " I will try a level 3 mission tomorrow and see how it handles large numbers of targets."

    It's not a mission bot. It's a ratter. It's tuned for 0.0 rats. It'll randomly select targets in your mission, probably not what you want... and that's after you edit the code so it doesn't warp to random belts.
  5. Hinge

    Hinge Active Member

    My industrial wing operates almost exclusively in Empire space. I use 3 miners and 1 hauler but i always thought a 5 toon moving through the belts keeping the rats down (not that hulks with gist a type shield boosters are in any danger) and looting and salvaging the wrecks would make for a more efficient use of the resources.

    As for not being able to use it on a mission, or moving through gates, can't you use bookmarks to lock the ratter into position?

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