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    OgreFree is a spin off of the old Ogre scripts that Kannkor supplied for free.

    I have removed quite a bit of what was there and consolidated it to what I mainly use.

    OgreFree does not use the same arguments as Ogre did and instead its usage is 'run ogrefree'

    You will get a Portal Window with all the available scripts and options.

    Main Tab - Has Hireling script with a slider to pick the Tier desired.
    Transmute Tab - Has Options to Transmute/Refine/Salvage
    Depot Tab - Has options to depot your supplies
    Options Tab - Has the option to enable/disable moving to the Actors (depots and hirelings). You need LOS and a clear path, there is no stuck checking at the moment.

    Hireling - Default is T11.2 (12 on the slider) The new script now moves through the hirelings menu options correctly.

    Transmute - Added the options to Salvage and Refine as well.

    Depot - This script is rewritten completely. It now works with all Depots; both in Guild and House. With the MoveTo option enabled (under Options tab) the toon will goto each depot if they are sepearated.

    Note: Kannkor does not Support OgreFree, do not bother him with issues about the changes. I am not attempting to take people from ISXOgre, likely his updates to these scripts there are much better than mine. His scripts were a great learning experience that will allow me to go on and create something completely new to me for my next works.
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    The easiest way to download, use, and keep OgreFree up-to-date is with a piece of software called TortoiseSVN. Listed below are the steps required to download/install OgreFree using TortoiseSVN.
    1. Download TortoiseSVN from the internet at http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads (be sure that you install the 32 or 64-bit version depending upon your current operating system.) Install it and reboot your computer.
    2. Using Windows Explorer, find your InnerSpace installation directory and then go to the "Scripts" sub-directory. (For example, "c:\InnerSpace\Scripts\")
    3. Again, using Windows Explorer, right-click your mouse in that folder and select the option "SVN Checkout"
    4. When the next window opens, use the following settings and then click OK (you do not need to alter any of the other settings):
      Code (Text):

      URL of the Respository:  https://github.com/isxGames/isxScripts/trunk/EverQuest2/Scripts/EQ2OgreFree
      Checkout Directory:  LEAVE AS IS [it should already be set to something like "C:\InnerSpace\Scripts\EQ2OgreFree"]
    5. The new directory that was created (/innerspace/Scripts/EQ2OgreFree) should have an "SVN" icon in it (if you properly installed Tortoise SVN). Now, right click on the directory and choose "SVN Update" to update all of your files. You should update this directory at least once every few weeks to stay up-to-date with your files. ALL updates will be done this way.
    6. Now, once you're in-game and ISXEQ2 is loaded, simply type run EQ2OgreFree/DIRECTORYNAME/SCRIPTNAME in the console or /run EQ2OgreFree/DIRECTORYNAME/SCRIPTNAME in the chat window to start the script. (e.g., run EQ2OgreFree/OgreTransmute/EQ2OgreTransmute)
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    SVN or Git?
    It's on Github...
  4. Amadeus

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    You can use SVN with github and, in fact, it's better suited for situations like this (where you have individual projects within a larger github repository.)

    If you want to use git, that's fine; however, for the average gamer (who may not use version control very often), following my instructions with TortoiseSVN will be the easiest.
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    ^^ What Amadeus said. I only use Git to push it to the GitHub Repository.

    I use SVN for all the updates I am pulling.

    Also - Updated for the latest changes to ItemInfo. I put in the pull request today so you may want to wait til tomorrow to download/update.

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