Reporting ISXEQ2 Crashes


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Previously, I asked for users to attach a debugger and provide information that would help me isolate the issue and fix it quickly.

However, SOE has recently become more aggressive in punishing people that attach a debugger to the EverQuest2.exe process. The reason for this is simple: those assholes that have been developing and releasing hard core hacks for EQ2 pretty much have to attach a debugger in order to do their job. So, they're "checking" anyone that is running a debugger -- if they see ISXEQ2 (or perhaps even InnerSpace) running as a module at the same time, they're going to become suspicious and suspend or ban you. Hell, they may do it even if they see ANYTHING that might be suspicious. Frankly, according to their very gay EULA, even running a debugger attached to EverQuest2.exe is grounds for a ban.

Therefore, from this point forward, do NOT use windbg or any debugger with EverQuest2.

Rather, just post here on the forums or email me the crash report that is produced by InnerSpace when you crash. The file of which I'm speaking is a .txt file that should open in Notepad (or something similar) when you crash.
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