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    First off, thanks for all the guides that are out there. Time consuming to put together, and not something anyone "Had" to do...I appreciate those that have taken the time to put those together.

    I finally have my two groups working on my PC, and before I get knee deep into building Profiles (i lost mine) I was wondering if I need to make any group changes.

    from 2008 to Jan 2016 (when I quit) this is what I ran with...
    MT Group - Guard, Defiler, Templar, Coercer, Dirge, Swashy - I was always able to pump out enough dps with this group where moving to a t1 scout didn't make much sense. I'm just wondering if anything has changed here.

    Went to a x2 around 2011'ish timeframe....
    2nd Group - SK, Mystic, Fury, Illy, Troub, Warlock - I always had an offtank...I guess I could go with another t1 caster.

    Looking for some advice on groups and hopefully see some parses. I have NO clue what is good or bad right now. When I tweak my combat orders I'd like to know if I'm in the ballpark or not.

    *I'm not looking for profiles, as that's half my fun. But...if you shared some tips & tricks for changes over the last 3 years I'd appreciate it.
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  2. popo

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    <crickets> Things have changed here....
  3. Kannkor

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    The majority of people use discord now:
    It is EXTREMELY active.

    Your MT group is identical to mine, it's still what I use. While a ranger will do much more dps, for me, it's not worth changing over. The swash also does provide a couple of things I like, like threat transfer and the ability to reset abilities of the group (once every like 8 minutes but hey). They also are by far the best at AE dps right now.

    Your OT group is very close to mine. Instead of an SK I use a Pally, but also have a Brigand on that account. So, brigand for raids, pally for heroic. (You could put a t1 caster instead, but our raid needed a brig, so).
  4. popo

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    Discord...I'll sign in later today. Good to know I'm on the right track with groups. Once I get these sig quests done and into some 110 armor I'll start having more parsing posts / questions. Thanks Kannkor!

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