Rogue Apply Poison Skill Grinder, v0.1 (20070509)


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I'm lazy, I didn't want to grind apply poison by hand, even with hotkeys for it, so I jammed this together to do it for me.

 * Generic Rogue Poison grinder for skilling up apply poison with Water of Life I
 * VGPoison.iss
 * Smyrk - 20070509
 * Target a rogue vendor who supplies Vials and Effusion of Doomweed
 * /run VGPoison #
 * where # is the number or repititions
 * e.g. /run VGPoison 10
 * This will make the script:
 * - buy enough compoents to make 10 Water of Life I from the targeted vendor
 * - create (and destroy) 10 Water of Life I
Target a Rogue Vendor, /run VGPoison <number of combines>

Good luck.


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