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    Finally got around to doing Royal Palace with my 6 man group (had to gear up to survive the 4 name/ 2nd encounter). I have grind options checked and get the buzzer when the pillars come to life. But my bots aren't clicking the seals. Is the feature broken, or am I not implementing it right?

    Any thoughts?
  2. macker0407

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    I assume you're talking about the final named? If you have the DPS(~60k ST), it's far easier to just use an AE immunity and death saves than bother with the pillars. His charge up AE only hits for 3 ticks, so the usual sequence of events is wards+tank hp eats first tick, death save triggers on second tick, third tick is either eaten by the next death save or wards. The second death save can either be the tanks(Bloodletter with red adorn, for example) or a healer based one(Ancestral Avenger, etc.).

    If you have ~120k ST DPS, you can just burn him before the charge up finishes casting.
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    The only thing coded in that fight is to click the little rift thingies that drain your mana. A side from that, I personally use blade dance and burn. Way back when, I started to code the pillars in but it was more effort than it was worth when I had blade dance.

    If you run 50-60k dps you shouldn't need any save asses if you have BDance (and not TShell). Wait until he hits around 60% (or when he emotes or something) then hit it. BDance will eat all of it, so you just have to burn him down before he does it again.

    EDIT: Apparently TShell doesn't do anything on this fight.. so it's Bdance it is.
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