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    This script will run up to a mob and position behind it once.

    It is wonderful when your backstab stops working because someone turned the mob and you can't tell one from the other among all of the adds!

    I suggest you make a hotkey that does /run behind and bind that to a key or mouse button. Then just klick it every time you need to re-position.

    • If you are close enough to melee it will only strife to re-position behind the mob.
    • If you have a PC on target and his target is in combat you will run up and position behind his target (you can lazy-assist).
    • If you hit Esc and have no target it will immediately stop moving.

    Some movement routines are shamelessly stolen from eq2bot.


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    I'm actually making some changes to those routines and will publish them soon, you might want to check what you used verses the changes when I'm done.

    Most of the changes are related to distance to mob calcs.

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