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    I have been dabbling in writing/modifying scripts. The latest thing thing that I have been trying to learn is movement. I can get my toon to move between two points but now would like to script my toon to move around more. Going to start by having it move to fixed locations. Like say to move to the vendor in Skyshrine from zone in point to turn in heads for armor. I know that Ogrebot can do this, this is only an example of what I am looking to learn how to do. Wondering if somebody with more knowledge can help me, have an existing script that does something like this or able to point me in the right direction. I have been trying to use ogre move but have not had an success. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    You have a few decisions of what you want to do, and how in depth you want to go with it.

    Movement can be one of the most complicated task to handle, from my experience.

    Anyways, here's something you need to decide..
    1) If you just want 1 point and 'direct movement'. IE: /face 1 location and autorun.
    2) Do you want 'path' movement. Where you record a path, then it duplicates the path.
    3) Do you want 'smart' movement, where an area is mapped out, and you can tell the bot to move to any spot/location, and it handles the rest.

    #1 is easist, but generally quite limited, because as soon as you have any obstructions, you'll run into major issues.
    #2 and #3 you start falling into requiring to use some kind of actual navigation. Which leads you to another question, are you going to write your own library, or use an existing one? In either case, you'll have to learn a little bit about how they work so you can decide which one to go with. I think there are 2 'publically' available.. One on the SVN (nav_lib?), or OgreNav.lib(can't even remember my own file name!).

    If you're looking for something much less complicated than writing your own lib, using a lib, and using something like OgreMove is by far the simplest option. If you decide you want to try using ogre move, and you said above you were having issues, explain more with sample code/error messages and I can assist.
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    You are correct about movement being one of the most difficult to get right. I was looking to use Ogre's navigation lib. I think, as you mentioned, moving to one point is going to be very limited and might as well learn the more versital of the choices. I will get what I have together and send it to you soon. Thanks for the help.

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