Sevalor.iss - Script to handle all the scripted actions of Sevalor Gorescale in UD


ISX Specialist
Sevalor Script - Sevalor.iss Ver 1A
Written by Herculezz Ver 1A 5-2-12
this script moves between 2 lock spots when the fire of
fyrm ring is deteceted, and targets on the tank whichever
npc doesnt have the stoneskin, and targets the vile prisons.

as always put both files in scripts folder and run sevalor on your tank***** I emphasize on your tank because if you run on another toon it will start the script and move to the lock spot and there will be no way to stop it without ending script.!! There is no ui on any toon other then a fighter!! this was designed for a friend and so it only has a ui for his tank so no ui on the rest of the toons and starting on the tank starts it on all toons. (I'm sure there could of been a better way to do this but it was late and i was in a hurry!!)

As always thx to kannkor for his valuable help.


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