Several spell list updated to 95


I am putting my eq2bot folder here for all of you to use the shadowknight in here will cast reaper,s mist and chaos cloud if you have those otherwise after level 88 it will cast the lower level grave sacrament it works very well. the inquisitor and necromancer scripts in here were written by macker. I just updated the spell list to 95 they work much better than whats on svn. I did some tweaking on the warlock spell list changed the casting order around it has a much higher dps for me. it cast plaguebringer and ethernere chains everytime there up it also cast the prestige ability occult bolt if you have might not work well for you if you don't have those. Fixed the coercer so it actually works it doenst cast invis anymore instead it cast peace of mind. I also updated the spell list to 95. on the rest of these classes all I did was update the spell list to 95 the classes are swashbuckler,warden ,dirge,guardian so all the classes that are updated to 95 in this folder are inquisitor ,shadowknight ,necromancer,warlock,warden ,dirge, swashbuckler,coercer, and guardian. all you have to do is extract this eq2bot folder to your InnerSpace/Scripts folder and overwrite everything there.View attachment
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