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    SoH:UC is a similar zone to Scourge Keep in that you can't spawn all names on every run. In total you can kill 6 bosses each time.

    Zone notes
    • Numerous trash mobs have buffs that can be dispelled
    • Activate the teleporters by first talking to Voice of K'Lorn opposite entrance, then stepping on to see which candles are lit, then step off & light them
    • If you take deaths, watch out for increments of Power of Hate when you're fighting a named. If they have 1 or more when you kill them they'll heal to 100% - super fun! (Can be dispelled though)


    Group 1

    Fuel of Hatred (Loot)
    Stairs in Repugnance's Rectory /way 175, 10, 149
    Spawned by fighting bubbles of hatred until they're stunned, then you can click on them to gather a glob. Click on the door. You need to do this x5.
    Strat: Not sure, but felt like if i turned sing focus on & AEs off, & ignored adds, I didn't take deaths. Targeting & killing an add instakilled tank every time. 'Malicious Reach' can be interrupted.

    Hateful Plate (Loot) *
    Repugnance's Rectory at /way 181, 7, 111
    Spawned by placing armor onto mannequin.
    Helm /way 156, 10, 93
    Pauldrons /way 12, 3, 195
    Legs /way -112, 10, 186 (sift thru dirtpile)
    Hands on top of balcony /way -176, 12, 203
    BP /way -175, 15, 130 (sift thru dirtpile)
    Strat: kill adds as they spawn. Two toons at a time get incurable curse. Remove primary & offhand to cure.

    Skimp the Imp (Loot) *
    spawns at Malice's Narthex, then roams along the path towards Wrath's Anvil.
    Spawned by killing spiteful fiends & wicked fiends.
    Strat: group all behind, when he emotes to switch rings with another group member just have tank switch & group with run behind again.

    Trapped Bellhop (Loot)
    is at a chest unlike the rest /way -202, 15, 150
    Spawned by gathering the armor pieces from the Hateful Plate, but instead of placing on mannequin put them in the chest.
    Strat: The mob will drop pieces of discarded armor which you must repeatedly click to get rid of. Joust out 10m on Check Out. Stay in on Check in.

    Vilegore (Loot)
    Spawned by picking up a cooled branding iron on one of the many weapon racks in zone. Heat it by clicking the fire pit at /way -105, 10, 237 then, without aggroing, right-click a hate mongrel, which spawns into Vilegore.
    Strat: Cure curse when reaches 10 increments.

    Group 2

    Anarchic Obscenity (Loot) *
    is at The Abbey /way -204, 15, 32
    Drag non agro anarchic lurcher groups into the black swirl at /way -202, 16, 33
    Strat: Fight in portal area. Kill adds asap, when you get kicked back and get the Anarchy det run back into portal so you can be cured and target again.

    Lord of Pain (Loot)
    spawns in the Rectory of Confession /way 195, 33, -106
    Spawned by final hate trash mob drops a shaped key. Unlock the matching cage to release keeper of pain trash mobs who drops next key etc. Fourth cage releases Lord of Pain.
    Strat: Four 'rings of pain' spawn on the ground. You can damage the boss inside a ring but you only have as long as your countdown shows. If you let it run out you die. Leaving the circle saves you, but you must stay out while you have Lasting Pain detriment on you


    Cheesy's post here will help with this part.

    Morg (Loot) *
    Spawns in the Rectory of Confession /way 192, 33, -45 by inserting spite stone looted from trash dogs into Carrion corpse.
    Strat: Periodically Morg drops rotting meat & curses 2 toons. Remove curse by clicking dropped meat, which also pulses damage.

    The Damned (Loot)
    Spawned by whole group click a sacrificial knife /way 174, 33, -75, have group revive in the pit to reach named.
    Strat: I stayed on named but AEd adds to keep numbers down a little as named has buff 'Damnation'.


    The Telekinetic Evangelist (Loot) *
    spawns on the stage in The Abbey. Kill trash mobs in area and the Surrogate of Wrath. Next, look to see the colour of the lit-up platform on the stage, then find the statue holding an orb of the same colour, and note the direction it's facing. Turn the other two statues to face the same direction.
    Strat: The mob every 25% locks itself in ring, roots & takes no damage, ports toons up into one of the three statues & turns the way the statues look. Match the statue to unlock it & then the toon must click the statue to be let out within 30 secs or die. At 75% it is 1 toon, 50% 2 toons 25% 3 toons. The trapped toon needs to self cure arcane (dot & manadrain).

    Group 3

    Chief Librarian Py'Tyz (Loot)
    on the Mezzanine of House K'Lorn, a balcony above the transporter in the Amphitheater of Rancor.
    Spawned by use teleporters to get up to librarians on top of balconies, kill them & final teleporter becomes active to reach boss. Click podium.
    Strat: A toon will get uncurable curse. Mouse over podium to see which book needs returning, and find and click on bookcase. If toon dies cannot be rezed until their spawned overdue book has been killed. 'Overdue Book' (Curse) can be interrupted.

    Gluglug (Loot)
    The fountain in the Amphitheater of Rancor /way -10, 12, -8
    Spawned by collecting 3 fishbowls around the zone & placing here (to reach fishbowl in blood pit click knife to die, & revive in the pit)
    Strat: Periodically casts pool of water, drag out or heal to 100%. If toon has a nox det Fish out of Water they must enter pool, wait until turn into a fish, then cure nox.

    Helestia (Loot)
    Grave to one side of the Amphitheater of Rancor /way 39, 7, -62
    Spawned by clicking grave then killing trash wraiths, place 5 chains on the grave.
    Strat: When you see the buff Unchained Malady with no increments on Helestia have mage dispel it. As it increments do not cure or dispell. You want to get 4 or 5 party members afflicted to be able to dps her down. Do not let all get afflicted though, or it’s a wipe.
    Cure curse.


    Horb (Loot)
    Paths between the Amphitheater of Rancor and The Abbey /way -142, 14, 12
    Spawned by: on killing Morg, one of the toons will get a sprite core, which you use to right click on Horb and spawn him.
    Strat: Same fight as Morg, except 3 toons get the curse, which you need to click on the meat, there are also some adds, which can block the meat.

    The Organ Donor (Loot)
    spawns beside the organ in the Amphitheater of Rancor /way -15, 12, -72
    Spawned by using the Harmonic Conch from inside the fountain /way -12, 14, -15
    to get the ability to see music notes for 30 secs. Find and click 4 different coloured notes. At the organ click 4 colored keys in the same order.
    Strat: Dirge of Death curse on 2 toons - 1 checks pipes to see which note other has to play
    Encore of Death curse, toon checks notes from pipes, kill those adds to make named take damage again
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    Group 4

    Igidishi (Loot)
    roams along the dirt below the stairs that lead to the Basilica of Hate
    /way -13, 20, -118
    Spawned by find & click skulls with horns which will dissolve or become attackable. Repeat until named spawns.
    Strat: four phases 80%,60%,40%,20% he will turn into an animal (bear, wolf, bat, frog) & takes no damage. Totems of the animals spawn all over the area - find & click the matching totem. Adds mana drain.

    Morghorb (Loot) *
    is west of the stairs at the Basilica of Hate
    /way 37, 30, -206
    Spawned by con killing Horb you get a hatebound heart and you can click on the corpse.
    Strat: stand in circle to DPS jump out to cure and get back in circle. Annoying knock back so keep an eye on toons with back to the low wall as you'll need to manually run back.

    Scorn Baron V'Ayne and Scorn Baroness Ny'Nev (Loot)
    Click the 7 large totem heads around the zone then head to the Rectory of Confession. Once you have aligned the lanterns correctly the door can be clicked to zone into Chamber of Scorn
    Dispel all the trash in this room
    Stop blobs reaching names by clicking them or running them away from blobs.

    The Head of Hate (Loot)
    is at the top of the stairs at the Basilica of Hate
    /waypoint -12, 35, -198
    Spawned by killing the Surrogates of Contempt, Rancor, Rage, Venom and Wrath and crafting Destroy Vessel on the tomes they leave
    10 Ire Dust (from barrels in zone)
    10 etherium
    10 golden ember
    10 deadly mushroom
    50 celestial candles
    per combine

    Strat: Periodically The Head of Hate gets an add (Contempt, Wrath etc). Kill them. Also get Surrogate dopplegangers of toons. It seemed that if I targeted them to kill them they would one shot whoever had aggro (?) They could be killed via AEs, but once dead you need to craft the tome to stop the copied toon dying and getting kicked across the area. Free toons trapped in cages by dpsing them.

    Ze'Vlu'Vex (Loot)
    appears on the steps of the Basilica of Hate at /way -14, 31, -171
    Spawned by killing loathsome liches on either side of the Basilica of Hate. Once the liches are dead, use Ultravision (buff or clicky) find & light the unlit torches on the sides of the building.
    Strat: Kill trace of darkness mobs asap (If any are up, more keep spawning), and then the adds after those. For each of those adds that spawn you get 1 increment. At 90% you get 1 add instantly, then 2 at 70, 3 at 50, 4 at 30 etc. (As per Chrol on Discord this fight is currently bugged, avoid) EDIT: From patch notes 19/6/18 Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic] Increments of Trace of Darkness will properly be removed each time a shadow abhorrent is defeated.

    Group 5

    Trash in final room needs dispelling.

    Estir the Spiteful (Loot) *
    Cure only the noxious on the class called out.
    Avoid yellow rings on floor
    Sing Focus no AoEs, kill trash to leave up the amount that matches her buff.

    When every boss outside has been killed you can then spawn...

    Gruesome Twosome (Loot)
    Estir the Spiteful, and Laxil'Vas the Torn
    Same as Estir but click coffin when Estir talks at start. After Estir is down switch to Laxil'Vax. Adds change your target.

    Cantankerous Triumvirate (Loot)
    Estir the Spiteful, Laxil'Vas the Torn, and Ragash'Ta the Insidious
    Same at Twosome but now with added spam trauma from Ragash'Ta. This needs curing on all ASAP, but be mindful not to have cures running when Estir calls for only a certain class to be cured.

    Bonus Boss

    Ulvaug the Bloodfang Epic x2 (Loot)
    spawns in the Heart of Hate after killing the Cantankerous Triumvirate.
    Kill adds, watch for text about spraying blood and move or he heals. Breath of Blood is also big kickback. Cursed toon get under belly. AT 50% the adds double, so get ready for a tedious lagfest.

    Secret Cow Zone
    Clear all the above and you unlock SoH Heroic: Udder Contempt [HERD mode]

    Armor molds
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    So I have been meaning to post for awhile but keep forgetting so here are some fill ins for your list:

    To activate the teleporter pads you stand on the pad and it will light up a few candles you must then light the unlit matching candles. You can step off and back on and the candles do not change if you want to do it on a single toon or you can leave a toon on the pad and match them on another. Only toons standing on the teleporter can see the lit pattern. If you think you have them lit correctly and it is not working I suggest unlighting all the candles and trying to redo the pattern.

    Trapped Bellhop is spawned by gathering the armor pieces that are needed for the Hateful Plate and instead placing them in the chest unlike the rest. The mob will periodically drop pieces of discarded armor which you must repeatedly click to get rid of, I tried burning through the strat but once you get 3 or more pieces it started to one shot. I did this by having group dps as normal paused bard (my worst dps) and just manually spam clicked them on the bard.

    Fuel of Hatred is spawned by killing the little bubbles of hate, while you are dpsing them down you will have a harvesting hand appear while hovering over them, you must harvest before the mob dies. This gives you a dried glob of hatred (lore) which you can then throw at the door next to the mannequin. You will have someone behind the door yell at you. You do this 5 times and then the Fuel of Hatred comes out. Do not really remember the strat on him, I think he may have had an add but I just turned and burned.

    Vilegore - I would agree with once you find the weapon you heat it in the fire and get a heated brand but I could not figure out how to brand the dogs nor anything else with it.

    The Telekinetic Evangelist - In the Abbey, he is spawned by rotating the statues at the bottom to match the corresponding statue at the top. For matching match based off of looking at it like a spectator to the stage so if it looks left while looking at it turn the statue to look left. The mob every 25% locks itself in rings roots and takes no damage, he ports people (amount depends on phase) up into one of the three statues and moves the way the statues look and you must match the statue to unlock it and then the person must click the statue to be let out. At 75% it is one person, 50% two people 25% one person. The person that is trapped also has a curable arcane put on them that does damage and a power drain to them so would suggest having them self cure themselves. The person it chooses will stay the same every time even if you wipe so if it picks your bard as first person it always will be bard, for the second it will still pick your bard and another person, same with third. While the mob is locked and takes no damage you will have small adds come from the statues so the quicker you get it correctly the less of them you have to deal with, they are not difficult to kill they can just add up. If you fail to remove the person by the end of the time limit (30sec-minute) the person will die and the name will become unrooted and damageable. When I did this I originally campspotted the toons so they would run back but had issues with my defiler somehow running through the barrier even though you are not supposed to and then not knowing which one she was in so set my toons to no move and then would just call them to me after releasing them.

    Chief Librarian Py'Tyz - Spawned by killing the 3 librarians at each of the platforms, so you must first activate the platform and then click the librarian and he will become aggro and you can kill. The 3 librarians do nothing are just regular trash type mobs. Once those three are dead and you have killed a mob from group one and group two you can then use the now unlock teleporter in the Amphitheater. The librarian probably had a strat but did not notice it and just burned him down.

    Igdishi: spawns by clicking 9 skulls with horns that are located in soil around the zone below are the locations I found them at, I do not know if these locations change or not
    Skull 1 : /way20.56, 2.19, 290.49
    Skull 2: /way-155.17, 14.32, 120.07
    Skull 3: /way -177.96, 25.28, 202.17
    Skull 4: /way-180.76, 16.58, 40.74
    Skull 5: /way-134.12, 18.10, -18.09
    Skull 6: /way-81.03, 13.62, -61.14
    Skull 7: /way94.02, 25.72, -177.78
    Skull 8: /way114.14, 19.29, -20.78
    Skull 9: /way 39.51, 7.79, -43.46

    Most of the skulls give the message of the skull recedes into the soil when you click it about 3 of them became aggro and gave the message a mystical aura surrounds the skull feeding off the corruption and hatred of its surroundings. I do not think these have to be clicked in any certain order this is just how I found them. Once you have found them all you get a message of you have smoked him out and now you must deal with him.


    Igidishi himself spawn in the soil below the basilica and is a PITA, he is the worst mob I have come across in here by far. Igidishi has four phases 80%,60%,40%, 20% at each point he will turn into an animal (bear, wolf, bat, frog) and takes no damage. He is only see-able by the tank at this point.

    He starts to spawn adds from trees around the whole soil area below the Basilica which can have corpses below them. You must then find the corresponding corpse which is called an animal totem and click it to remove the animal form. Only the tank can see these bodies. If you click the wrong animal it spawns a 118x4 that kills you. While looking for the correct corpse you will run across several that is not correct and the spots change up every time so you cant remember them and go back to the previous location. The corpses are very hard to see you practically have to stand on them for them to pop up (at least for me, with graphics up). They appear on radar as an NPC so I would suggest taking advantage of that. While you are running around trying to find the correct corpse you have adds flooding you and your group and the mob also attacking you. The adds have a power drain. As your group cannot see the bear they also cannot attack him so cannot use attacks on him to gain power back. There are a few ways you can deal with this whole debacle. You can create an auto target and have your group auto target the adds and stand there and kill them while you run around and find the body (suggested). You can have your group follow you around and target adds as needed to get aggro on them/kill them/ get power for your group. If your group doesn't have a power issues while not attacking (stupid wardens) and can take some hits from the adds you can just leave your group standing there while you find the body. As a warning if you try to have your group follow you around the bodies are all in the soil area which you have to jump into along with annoying roots.

    Baron and Baroness:
    For the heads for me I did not find it correlated with trash, first 4 were clickable after first named next 2 were clickable after 2nd and last statue was clickable after 3rd. There are 7 in total and below are there locations.
    Head1: /way 102.33, 19.03, 35.47
    Head2: /way 147.96, 19.10, 22.59
    Head3: /way 48.11, 9.13, 11.24
    Head4: /way 153, 22.35, -150.09
    Head5: /way -99.65, 31.09, -191.69
    Head6: /way -108.56, 10.46, 249.96
    Head7: /way -231.98, 16.47, 68.08

    I agree with appleuser and I think there is a strat to click the lil orbs but I just stood there and burned down the baroness and then the baron and didn't really find them to do anything.

    Head of Hate: For the head of hate I had the same issue of targeting the doppelgangers would one shot someone. IT would also spawn an add which would make the named take less damage. The first couple of pulls I tried to kill the adds and got wiped I then tried ignoring the adds and just killing the cage and burning down the name and it was much smoother. If your group has ok dps (i'd say 4 bil +) you might find this is the easiest way to do it.

    I think is spawned by killing the adds that spawn around the Basilica but have not confirmed yet.
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    Vilegore is spawned by finding the rod and heating it. Step near a dog but just outside of aggro range, right click it, and brand it.

    Ze'Vlu'Vex: Killing the liches around the Basilica does nothing. Hoping someone can shed more light on this one!
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    He casts 4 things
    Primarly hated (Trauma if not cure one shots the toon) I think if the tank is the highest on the hate list nothing happens.
    Whirldwind KB everyone
    Revenge KB Single Target (most hated), I think if is not a tank one shots you
    Morbs reckoning trauma on everyone
    One of the kbs he puts you in a ^^^ cage, Cage of Condemnation ^^^ , Is very hard to destroy solo so if you get knock back too far away is pretty much over unless you are a t1 dps. I still havent figured out what causes the cage.
    Power of Hate, he gets more increments for ppl dying.
    I have not tried keeping a healer outside the circle and curing everyone.

    Today I dont know what I did wrong, I think he had an increment from someone dying on Power of Hate I got the following messsage and healed full hp. So make sure before you push him over he has not numbers on Power of hate.
    An increment of Power of Hate has been Consumed, Completly mending MorgHorb's wounds!
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    The power oh hate buff is on all of the mobs throughout the zone. If you look at the bottom it says each dispel removes an increment. I have a mage constantly dispelling in the zone so that if you do get a stack here it doesn't' stay.
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    \aNPC 64662 Innoruuk:Innoruuk\/a says to you, "My word is Hate! And right now, ALL your PRIESTS I shall destroy!"
    \aNPC 64662 Innoruuk:Innoruuk\/a says to you, "My word is Hate! And right now, ALL your SCOUTS I shall destroy!"
    \aNPC 64662 Innoruuk:Innoruuk\/a says to you, "My word is Hate! And right now, ALL your MAGES I shall destroy!"
    \aNPC 64662 Innoruuk:Innoruuk\/a says to you, "My word is Hate! And right now, ALL your FIGHTERS I shall destroy!"
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    Thank you for all the info. I have added as much as I can to OP, but am limited to 10000 characters.

    I think we've now got all the spawn methods, apart from final boss duo and trio, but we are missing a few strats, unless they are tank and spank.
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    Having not played much lately, what kind of stats (potency) are required for this zone to not be horrific?

    I've found experts are pretty tedious, as 3/6 of my toons have the mount and 3/6 dont and seems to be huge disparity in dps. (No raid gear)
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    My group are doing fine in this zone and none of them have the epic weapon. We do have however have a lot of T2 expert gear, new vendor jewry which have a lot of resistant stats and we are doing it without the potion buff. The only name that we can't kill is the last one because his script.
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    Only 2 of my 6 have the mount Cheesy. I've hardly played this expac. My toons have zero raid gear and I can do this zone no problems. It's slightly tedious in spawning the names but imo more fun than experts at this point. Some of the gear is pretty decent. Grab yourself some kronos and I think you'll kinda enjoy it. You'll definitely enjoy figuring out strats man.

    For comparisons sake, ungrouped, my Tank has 74k pot, my dps1 has the same. Hardly any expert gear as I took a big break and just got back.
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    Went in a bit and tried. Killed first 3 nameds nps (Imp, Damned and Librarian), then tried Ze'Vlu'Vex.

    Got totally stuck on Ze'Vlu'Vex - Appeared to either be a huge dps check on adds to survive, or having a lot of HP. Maybe I just lack the gear for that mob.

    For info - It spawns by killing the 6 liches on either side, then use ultravision to click the unlit torches. If you dont have group ultravision, i'd skip this mob.
  13. mamrono

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    I've tried Anarchic Obscenity today and he kicked my ass
    I tried to stay in the dark portal, he hits very hard the he has a kb ae
    He Says: Animated bones are thrown out of the portal as The Anarchic Obscenity's \#00FFFFRIGHT \#FF8000hand glows!
    Animated bones are thrown out of the portal as The Anarchic Obscenity's \#00FFFFLEFT \#FF8000hand glows!

    I've tried to position his glowing hand away from the group but that didnt seem to do anything I really dont understand what you are suppose to do with his hand.
  14. appleuser

    appleuser Well-Known Member

    I'm actually wondering if it's broken. First round of adds, once I'd killed the 2nd spawn the increments of Trace of Darkness dropped, second round onwards they just accumulated like crazy. I'm currently sitting at 10 increments, doing virtually zero damage to the named as a result and have been in combat for over 20 mins. I can't see anything else in the area to interact with. Something seems off.
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  15. Cheesy

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    It appears to be you have to kill the trace of darkness mobs asap (If any are up, more keep spawning), and then the adds after those. For each of those adds that spawn you get 1 increment, and they dont drop off until all are dead.

    At 90% you get 1 add instantly, then 2 at 70, 3 at 50, 4 at 30 etc. Becomes a nasty dps/hp check as you get through it.
  16. appleuser

    appleuser Well-Known Member

    According to Chrol on Discord that fight is not working right and he is looking into it, so avoid spawning for now.
  17. appleuser

    appleuser Well-Known Member

    Not sure if they have changed this fight since you posted, but I found that the tank couldn't see the totems at all, and had to find and click them with another toon. Might have been a camera angle issue though, they were stupidly difficult to see unless you got the camera just right.
  18. appleuser

    appleuser Well-Known Member

    Strats for all named fights bar the final 2 in the Heart of Hate are now up. Please add to / correct any you think can be improved.
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  19. avatarofwar

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    Very nice work and thanks for this! A small update for Chief Librarian Py'Tyz : you can interrupt him and stop the book thing from happening. I changed all of my toons to favor constant interruptions, and he can't even get the spell off. Turns the fight into tank and spank, but requires a LOT of interrupting.
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  20. appleuser

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    Thank you!

    That's really good news as without scripting the fight was a bit annoying.

    Has anyone figured out yet if certain armor molds drop from certain names?
  21. Zplayer

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    I just opened up the radar on all toons, configured to show myself and NPC only. When mob transforms to animal, i quickly determined which mage could see the totems. Then i just run to the totems using radar, and click on the one that matches the mob. Seems like the my same mage gets to do the totems every time (so far). Trivial now.
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  22. Cheesy

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    Few useful tips;

    Morg- Zone button on MCP (For Ogre users) will click meats. If you see curses, just click it till disappears.
    Horb - Zone button on MCP (For Ogre users) will click meats. If you see curses, just click it till disappears.
    MorgHob - As long as you aren't super squishy, just crouch all group (avoids KB) and turn off cures. Just burn it down. Mob gains some offensive buffs but it doesn't do much.

    and a useful one I didn't realise till much later - Expert Potion works in here...
  23. Zplayer

    Zplayer Member

    Hateful Plate - the waypoint for the gauntlets is incorrect, try the other balcony across the path and dig up the soil.
    Trapped Bellhop - the MCP zone button (For Ogre users) will click discarded clothes, just like Morg/Horb above from Cheesy's post.
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    I'm desperately struggling with Ulvaug (the x2). My best pull is 80% but what with the swarm adds and his kick back I'm not finding it easy.

    Group set up is: Guard, Brig, Dirge, Coercer, Warden, Mystic. Good survivability but not the best dps.

    Not quite sure the approach I should be taking. I've tried killing bloods before the victims pop but fail to notice the kick back and Ulvaug heals. Have also tried standing under him and just kill victims but that kick back/heal still gets me.

    Very frustrating as the rest of the zone has not been horrendous at all. Any help would be much appreciated!
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  25. Cheesy

    Cheesy Well-Known Member

    Kickback is a frontal with a reasonably long cast time. Park group just behind its front legs and make sure it's classed as behind (If you put tank on that spot, mob should in theory change direction).

    Personally for first 50%, I used an auto target on the bloods on my DPS (All assisting my ranger), and kept tank on named so I could joust frontal every time.
    After 50%, I went for burning named.

    Make sure to use your Expert Elixir too for the additional Potency.

    Other than that, if you avoid the frontals he won't heal/KB, and it's just a DPS check. You can with enough dps, actually fudge it down over a long fight, you just find you'll get 20+ increments on named, you'll kill 2/3 adds at once and get about 10s to do some more dps before they reappear. It takes an age, but if not being overwhelmed, it does eventually die.
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  26. Loppy

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    Thanks Cheesy, like all this things i guess persistence is key. I'll have another go tonight!

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