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  1. KingMike

    KingMike Member

    My apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    I have recently purchased the ISXEve extension and then the Sealth bot purely for the purpose of station to station freight. Nothing esle.
    It seems that Stealthbot is lagging my client to a point of it being unusable so I am really stuck.

    Are there any other scripts/bots that can do this safely?
    happy to pay for subscription or purchase price or w/e.

  2. insanitywiz

    insanitywiz Senior Member

    Erm, only recently started using ISXEve myself, but from the documentation it looks like Evebot should be able to do what you are requesting.
  3. mordacai

    mordacai Active Member

    My prefered freighter was the one in evebot, i tried testing it today and could not get it to work, it was kicking up some error in the console.
    I also tried the one in stealthbot and could not get that one working either, You should go to the stealthbot IRC and talk to Stealthy about it, he is very helpful with issues like these.

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