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  1. banned4haxx

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    Tried running this in mining mode and when it goes back to station to dump ore it wont unload from ore hold, it for some reason fills up the cargo hold with random items when it should be unloading, and is basically non functional out of the box for mining. I tried searching through the forums but most posts seem quite old, and any discussion of fixes for brought up involved changing code and stuff I couldn't follow.

    So could anyone explain to me in simple turns how I can get this to work?
  2. Shrike

    Shrike Member

    Start in-station in your mining ship, click Inventory from the Neocom (not by double-clicking on your ship).

    Select your ore hold.

    Start the bot.
    (On Miner tab, make sure Location Type is "Station" and Location Name is a bookmark to the station)
    (On Main tab, make sure "Miner" is selected from Bot Mode drop down)

    When you undock, again, make sure your Inventory window is open with the ore hold selected.

    Should be fine from then on.
  3. stlambe

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    Hey there,

    So I'm pretty new to this bot in particular and I'm getting what I think is a weird issue. I'm mining in a ship that has an ore hold but while I'm watching the status screen and every time it scans for asteroids it tries, and does, open the cargo hold. This seems like an obvious give away that it's a bot, but I'm also assuming it's supposed to try and open the ore hold to see when it's full.

    Any help is appreciated.
  4. aChallenged1

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    The post above covers that issue, stalambe...

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