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Meleebot 4.0
Brief Overview: A bot that fights, heals, loots, harvests, has 2 box support, irc reporting and interfacing, Kill switch for manual botting.

The following is a more detailed list of whats in this version, I have not got everything on here as i can't remember all the things.

Verified Classes Rangers/Paladins/Dread Knights/Clerics. I"m sure others if you tweak with the settings.

Stat Window: This window will track your kills, DPS, Special move dps, weapon dps, Hits, misses, average fight time,
run time, resuces and other things. This window is overlayed on by defualt.
Kill switch (EASY BUTTON): This button is on the new stat window, If you click it, it will run through your entire fight sequence all the way up to looting the mob.
This is helpfull for when you wanna really play and not bot, but maby need to go afk. (works great on long long fights in groups).
IRC Reporting/interaction - Will report kills and Experiance to a irc channel/server of your choice. Will also allow you to give a master name to accept
commands from. It will also report any say or tell that you recieve to the irc channel.. (good for monitoriting while at work) commands are only accepted
via the approved Nick and in PM's.
harrow support for Dread Knights. Just gotta plug it in where you want it and the bot will do the rest.
Black list functionality
Healing routines: will now check for heal over time skills before casting.
Loot Full: If your full of loot and 2 boxing it will stop tryign to loot. thus not allowing your 2box to loot.
Stop: breaks out and shuts off the Game loop at its earliest point.
Pause/Stop Both buttons will now Show down the event handler. (So you can navigate through towns withot object collision etc.etc.)
Added: Eating of food now.. nummy
Harvesting: will not harvest To set it up, put your desired nodes in. and run the path with the hunting path.
It will hunt nodes.

general tab:
Removed the File config load box. and load config file menu
Added an E-Stop that stops all movement.. should it be hung up for various reasons

Targeting tab:
Added clear mobs from client box
Now checks for Mobs while traversing the hunting path
added user definable Leash (how far off the hunting path you wanan go)
added user definable Pull distance, pull delay

Event System:
Added a backup/Strafe function to try and navigate around obsticals

Misc Fixes and improvments:
Reworked the main App loop.
Improved Being attacked Functions for both Primary and
There was a problem where it would not target the correct mob attacking the, this has been fixed.
Config Files are now Player/chunk based so you can have different settings for each zone.
Fixed the Rescue Functions they now work as intended.
added some redundancy checks to a couple functions as Invalid mobs and Mobs that were not really there in some zones were making you jsut stand there swining at nothing.
Will run back to rescue the now if they are getting attacked and in combat.
Added some threading to certain functions and made them safe-threads.
D.Target Health check before combat during rest Time.
D.Target Energy check before combat during rest time.
Fixed the Directory/save routines.
Converted all settings to game meters. Melee combat range of 5 == 5 meters now.
Added: List box to hold current inventory items.
Added File support to save list of approved items for sale
Added Sell support for items on the approved items for sale list
Added: methods to Sell and repair from the hunting loop
Fixed the targeting routine for.

COMBAT:Opening moves Tab:
Reworked the PullTO Function: You can specify melee combat range, and pull duration. and when you have "let mob come to me checked" the
PullTO Function will wait until the mob is within melee combat range or Until your set "Pull Delay" is acheived. If either of those to events fire. then the mob
will be Blacklisted. Good setting is 10 for pull delay. (if you snare it may be more)
Will now heal out of combat
Added User definable Melee combat range
Added ability to pull or not to pull mobs to you.

Step 1) Download and install isxirc (the irc modual for innerspace)GET It here

Step 2) Download Meleebot.exe from the bottom here and put it in your Innerspace/.NET Programs directory.

Step 3) If you want to use the irc reporting/interaction feature you will need to Load it either manual at runtime or in your innerspace start up.. the command for both is ext isxirc

step 4) type dotnet meleebot

Step 5) Set it up and enjoy there are many screens to set up.. take your time the first time..

Any questions See me In #isxvg or email


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Fix List

6-15-07 Reworked the Combat_Heal() so that there is no more freeze while it checks if you already have heal over time skills up.

6-15-07 changed the kill button color on the stat form so you can actually see it.
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