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  1. Herculezz

    Herculezz ISX Specialist

    I know not everyone will understand and I'm ok with that, that said on the launch of PoP, I have decided to move back to a pay model with ISXRI, First off CombatBot, as I have always said is and will remain forever FREE, this is because everything else including RI, RQ, and all the remaining features are EXTREMELY Time Consuming to develop content for, and maintaining 6 subs month in and month out so I can continue to churn out new zones and quest files doesn't leave me much time to do what's needed to earn enough plats and stuff for kronos, so these and all future features for ISXRI will require payment, There will be a few different options for payment, monthly at $5 a month or yearly at $50 for the year. Now that we are done with the bad news, heres the good, As of today's newest ISXRI update (expect in a cpl hours), it now includes a new script to help everyone to manage their inventories, RII or RI_Inventory will allow you to maintain a list of items for which you can with the click of a button, Sell, Destroy, Transmute and Salvage. Below is a screenshot.


  2. Lorgalis

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    I don't have a problem throwing some $$ your way for your work. Appreciate the heads up though :)
  3. gage666

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    i have no problem with that you put in a lot of hard work. I have you on my paypal so will just keep donating if thats ok herc
  4. Cryic

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    I have no problem paying for your hard work. The quest line automation for the epic 2 pre-reqs is worth it by itself. When it comes to the new zones I am happy with just some help with the scripted named in the new zones. Don't need full zone automation.
  5. Herculezz

    Herculezz ISX Specialist

    Ty for your support Cryic, As always RI will have both options you can simply zone in and hit ri and watch them run the zone or run it your self and RI Pull Named to start each individual encounter scripting. Thanks again

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