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    Does kannkor ever respond to you guys? Emailed and use the chat room link and does not help my issue since he dont respond, I'm close.to.cancel all this server cause it will be pointless to pay for something that dont work and I have the top high end gaming laptop. Still trying to install ogre but I need innerspace to configure it and read my eq2.exe. Its step 2 under isxeq2 setup: step 2 and I'll attach a photo and you can see when I hit configuration its blank with a light gray background

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    Yes I respond to every PM/email. PMs on IRC can be challenging, because I don't sit there 24/7. So I answer when I can, and if people don't leave the IRC open, they are offline when I answer.
    You sent me an email at 7:51pm today, and I just got home at 10pm.

    The issue you are having with innerspace not loading the configuration screen, is a problem with Innerspace. You will need to contact Innerspace support (lax). I linked you to the Innerspace support page in the previous thread. There's really nothing I can do to assist you if you're having problems with Innerspace. Once you get that to work, ISXEQ2/ISXOgre will both work.

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