Still in dev?


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I know IRC is probably the chosen way to ask questions, but I'm at work so I can't get on at the moment. I'm looking to try out the extension, just the warp to 0k alone looks like it'd be worthwhile to have. Is this extension still in development, or has it been dropped? I plan to hop on IRC this afternoon and poke around to see if anyone can get me a copy. I read somewhere that docking is not working, but maybe there's a workaround for that, like warp to 0k and then send a keypress to the dock hotkey. Obviously I'm not in the loop on this, but I hope to get in eventually.

Happy coding everyone.


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you can get it in irc. Development has not stopped, simply paused. I should be working on it again soon.


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Thanks for the speedy reply Amadeus, I'll be on later today. Going to spend the day browsing the wiki to familiarize myself with the data types and tlos. Is there any specific testing you need, or should I just play around with seeing what scripts are possible?


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How funny that after I quit Vanguard I decided to check out Eve... Playing it now and looking forward to what you turn out in this game.
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