1. dturner9

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    Hey all,

    Just a small problem I seem to be having and I was hoping to get some help here. I've just returned to Vanguard after closing my account about a year ago. I am on a new system (Vista 64) and did a fresh install of Vanguard, Innerspace and ISXVG.

    I have followed the install steps of ISXVG and when i go to launch Vanguard it won't connect to the server (screenshot). I also tried launching the Station Launcher through Innerspace to see if that would work and it seems I get this error when Station Launcher trys to scan/patch Vanguard:

    Unable to load network configuration from: http://lp2.patch.station.sony.com:7000/patch/lp2/vanguard/filesets.xml

    Any idea's on what my solution maybe? Something to do with Sony's new launcher?

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  2. Amadeus

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    You'll have to go to lavishsoft.com and talk to Lax about this...it's not an ISXVG issue, it's an innerspace issue.

    I know that he has been working on it, but has not had a lot of success finding people to test the procedures that he thinks will fix it. If I remember correctlly, he thinks it's part of the microsoft compatability layer crap.
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    I know this is in the wrong place, but did you ever find a solution for this? I am experiencing the same problem.
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