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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a search plugin for the bazaar of swg emulator. Something like was used for eq2 would be awesome. Right now there is no way to search for an individual item so you have to go through the whole bazaar and its a pain. If anyone is interested i would be willing to donate for your work.

(sorry if this is not the correct spot to post, i looked at the new forums but there was an error and couldnt pull anything up)


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No, what you're requesting really wouldn't be possible without a LOT of work: time and energy. And, I honestly don't see any reason why anyone would spend that amount of time on a game played in an emulator. I don't doubt that it's cool, fun and all ...but, it's not really something upon which a person would want to spend a lot of time.

To be clear though, what you're requesting would be an innerspace extension -- not a plugin or a script.
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