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  1. Temil2005

    Temil2005 Active Member

    Everyone out there knows of the other program that allows you to teleport N, S, E, W, up, down, etc.. with key binds. Not sure if suposted to mention it here, so not going to say the name. :evil:

    Anyways, was wondering if someone could plz make up a script that does similar fuctions...

    1. when specified keybind is pressed do the following..
      check current loc​
      add / subtract (depending on the key bind pressed) from that location, and teleport to the new location value
    2. Have ingame menu to increase / decrease teleport distance
    3. have safety option (if checked) if falling at certain rate of speed to posably kill you on landing, then teleport to plane then insta teleport you to ground level
    4. abilty to input a specified location value, and then port to that location (port ui has similar..but to my understanding, you need to be at the location, to mark it in the vglocations file)
    5. ability to get location data from the ingame map or posable CustomPoINames.txt

    Just hate using multi apps ..and really prefer to use the IS interface and all, sence it's what i know, and have been using for a few years now. When other programs come into the mix, they tend to screw things up, being compined code and whatnot. Anyways, just thought I would give the ideas and see if anyone has the motivation to put forth on the project. Thx to all you coders out there!
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  2. Karye

    Karye Active Member

    uhm no. k?

    if you want to be a sploiter and port all around use another program or write it yourself. I sincerely hope you get banned by the way.

    Have a nice day.
  3. Cr4zyb4rd

    Cr4zyb4rd Active Member

    Karye beat me to it...

    ISXVG is a tool to assist in automation, not a cheat engine. Thanks for the ideas, but I don't really think any developers here would need help to come up with "oooh, make it so i can port anywhere".
  4. aChallenged1

    aChallenged1 Active Member

    Why not just pull out the old wallet and pay for that if you want it, at the place that provides it.
  5. wally

    wally Active Member

    So have you guys never use the port or sprint functions built into ISXVG ?

    Come on be honest now :)
  6. Temil2005

    Temil2005 Active Member

    damn.. didnt expect to get such a rude responce. I mean, not looking for a cheat engine, just trying to give ideas for other features. I mean, there is a port script out, right? ..and that makes it so that you can port pretty much anywhere that you have been? .. well, there is also porting to alters, etc out on this website as well. Hmm, and those are much different from being able to pull the data from customPOI file or posable pulling loc data from locations on your map? ..

    I'm sorry, but I dont see that much of a difference. Yes, the feature mentioned about porting only specified locations N, S, E, W, etc.. that I can see where you guys are geting at, and I'm sorry.. didnt really think of it that way.

    I dont want to cause a flaming fest or anything, I'm just trying to shoot out ideas.. mentioning about me geting banned, well.. that's just uncalled for IMO sence it's a simple question. If you dont like it, fine.. if the Devs and all dont like it, let them deleat / block this post, which I HOPE they do sence as stated, not looking for a flam fest. No more will be mentioned about it.. just dont understand what the difference really is between some of these ideas, and the portUI thing. or any porting within the IS for that matter.

    Either way,

    Again, sorry for ruffleing anyone feathers.. have a good one...
  7. Temil2005

    Temil2005 Active Member


    this is true, but I guess that doesnt matter. Features built into a program, but we are told not to give ideas and told that it's ONLY for automation. Last time i checked, sprinting and porting wasnt an automated task .. ohh well.. go figure..
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