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    Posting here to catch interest from people who don't frequent IRC.

    I am looking for competent testers for my bot, which is currently in Alpha/Private release status. In order to take part in testing, I will need to talk to you on IRC to ask a few questions and provide a few groundrules. I am particularly looking for testers who have coding knowledge. If you are interested in participating, please join IRC and look for me on either Teht_Home or Teht_Work.

    Ability to post issues, feature requests, and keep up with said posts on an issue tracker is a REQUIREMENT

    Current Modules which need testing:

    Dedicated Salvager - Salvages at bookmarks which match a prefix. Able to drop of to hangar or corporate hangar. Idles in station when no bookmarks are available, optionally patrols belts in a specified system instead of idling.
    Miner - Should have most features available in Evebot at this point, including dropoff to station, POS containers, Orca, and jetcan. Code updated to support new mining barge ore holds.
    Hauler - Again, similar to Evebot
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