The modules in the Nexus (Heroic)


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I have been trying to kill the modules twin in Nexus (Heroic) and I am failing miserably. Tried the "set up for modules" but it does not seem to be working. Another thing I tried was to set all toons to move behind mob, this seem to be working fine and avoiding the laser ray but at some point my tank get thrown away and everyone dies. Any trick for this name?



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Best way that i found it to setup everyone with Ogre follow to stack on the tank.
Turn off move behind mob and turn off move into melee range.
Then get them to follow the tank at a distance of 1 or 2.

you then stack on feet of the slow mob shooting the beam.
When you see the red text you just run through his legs.

If you get knock back i tend to run back but in an arch so that if the guy fires the beam then i am not running into it.
Dont get me wrong this is still a tough fight, and you have to be very fast.

I myself seem to be stuck doing exactly what i wrote above on the Luminux Prime Nexus final boss fight.
But i have killed the Modules several times so not sure the Luminux prime fires a bit faster than the modules...

Good luck


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Yea I couldn't move fast enough for luminox prime either.. not until I got the bj scripts. now I can do it just fine...
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