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    Hi all, I have been away for awhile, been playing EQ1 for the last year, EQ1 seems to have a healthy population as apposed to EQ2. I haven't played since Alter of Malice and I see a lot has changed.
    I thought about it when they announced PoP last year but saw it was only 6 zones and lost interest, but the new Expansion graphically looks great, but have some questions. Any additional feedback would be awesome.

    -Ascension classes?
    -No more Contested dungeons?
    -Is the new expansion going to make all previous content irrelevant?
    -Is there still a sense of progression?
    -How was KA and PoP?
    -Is gear still obtained from named drops or bought from vendors?
    -How far can i get with a single group?
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    There are 4, it adds addition abilities. Any professional class (you know, the 26 classes) can be any ascension class.
    I usually avoid contested dungeons like the plague, so not really sure.
    Name 1 expansion that doesn't. (IE: Yes it will).
    Yes, in both raiding and heroic content IMO. It was challenging at the start and was able to progress and see results.
    From a raiding point of view, they were actually very good. Raid progression was VERY good. There were a few 'this gatekeeper mob seems a little strong' but we were able to over come them. For example, as a bot raid, we completed PoP expansion (Flawless every single mob in the expansion). We had never done this before (In KA, we didn't have Trak).
    It's kind of a mix. Last expansion there were items you had to obtain from killing heroic mobs, then you crafted a set of jewelry and it was VERY good for a long time. From a raid point of view, almost all gear was from drops (there were some patterns you had to get from raid, then buy some currency and turn them into a merchant, but you still had to kill a named to get the drop).
    You can clear all heroic content. They have severely limited single group progress in raid zones. In short, the mobs still do the same damage, but instead of being spread over 24 toons, it's spread over 6. There was (maybe still is?) a mechanic they had used where this damage REALLY ramped up if you didn't have more than x number of people. For example, at the start there was one mob, where if you didn't have 19 people in the zone, they hit for billions or something silly. But zoning 1 more person in and leaving them dead, they hit the same as if you had 24. Was very odd.

    I don't want to leave you with any false expectations, but you WILL be behind the curve vs people who have been playing this expansion. While there are no more crazy epic 2.0 grind, there are some minor things you'll have to do (like panda quests, but they are behind easy), and you'll basically be starting with a fresh set of "newbie" gear they give you as you enter the expansion, which is likely not quite as good as what people who played all of PoP have.

    Welcome back. I see you joined Ogre Discord, feel free to ask questions there, lots of people and discussions happen when people ask questions.
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    Hey Kannkor, thanks for the responses I knew it would be you haha.
    One question I forgot to ask, I do have 2 groups of toons but only the main group is 100, the others are 95ish, I know the new expansion gives a boost to 110 but if I wanted to, can i grind in instances or somewhere to level up to 110 or am I forced to quest, not counting the main signature line.
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    You cant even get into current content heroics or solos until you you are 105 i believe. The main sig line will get you to 110 relatively quickly (discounting the initial faction grind).
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    You have to quest it, however, Pork's AutoQuest (https://forums.ogregaming.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=403) will do the questlines for you with very little effort from yourself. That'll get you from 100-110 with ease. (All included in OgreBot).
  6. tarbasch

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    Just started the first quest and this thing is awesome!!!!
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  7. tarbasch

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    Is auto quest available for other quest lines?

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