Script Author: VGA

Description - a small tool
* Buff Bot
* Assist and follow tank (or be a tank)
* Cycles through list of selected abilities
* Cycles through list of items to use
* Swaps weapons instantly to use item abilities (-clickies-)
* Preconfigure Counters, Strip Enchantments, and Push Stance
* Auto Attack turns on and off
* Basic healing routines
* Bard Songs and Instrument swapping

Many Updates fixing and improving many areas.
a) Created a Saves folder for where all saves will be stored
b) Save files will consist of only the player's name. This allows copying and sharing it with other players as well as running several instances at the same time without affecting the other player's settings.
c) Any changes to the setting will now save immediately.
d) Changed how abilities shows in the GUI... this allows setting up only one time and be able to mentor up and down and level without changing your settings.
e) Fixed the notorious inventory crash bug! Bard weapons will swap instantly.
f) Tweaked Okay to Attack routine.
g) Fixed Tanking routines so that it will not lockup the script.



So I tried this awhile back and it worked great. With these improvements its a very nice alternative to vga, in some aspects works better. Not having the change spell loadouts with each update is amazing, mostly while leveling.

Noticed a few things while running it on my sorc in a group with vga on the other bots:

When looting is enabled it will loot prior to attacking the Tanks target i.e. Target>wait till 0 health> loot> check Main Tank Target

The looting routine seems to take a bit, for instance it will loot then pause for 2-3 seconds before re-assisting if it even does that (see below)

When doing the above routine if the MT changes targets before the current is dead the script will just target the dead target and not proceed. I did notice a slight improvement on this cycle when looting was disabled, but were some MT changes that the sorc just sat there till the entire encounter was dead.

I'll try it again over my next few sessions on some of the other group/classes but Thank you very much for updating this!
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