Update: June 2, 2015


The Maestro
Staff member
Today's EVE patch will require a MANUAL update of ISXEVE:
  1. Make sure that EVE is completely shut down.
  2. Download http://updates.isxgames.com/isxeve/Extensions/ISXDK34/ISXEVE.dll and place that file in your /innerspace/Extensions/ISXDK34 directory (overwriting the file that is there.)
If this doesn't work for you, then you can simply reinstall ISXEVE:
  1. Make sure that InnerSpace is properly installed on your computer. In other words, insure that you actually "installed" it on this particular computer and didn't just "copy" it over. You CAN copy InnerSpace from computer-to-computer; however, it breaks the ISXEVE installer when you do that.
  2. Download and install http://updates.isxgames.com/isxeve/ISXEVE.exe

Once you've completed this manual update, the extension should once again update automatically in the future. (Unless, of course, another situation arises that requires a manual update.)
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