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ISXVG now supports all aspects of sending/receiving mail via the in-game mailboxes! While I'm not going to write entire sample scripts, I will give you a few snippets on how to do varoius things (with a few comments/ideas). I will leave it up to the major script authors to put together packaged scripts/executables that interact more fully with the mail system.

Please note that all of these snippets require you to be close to a mailbox.

1. Sending Email
;; You do not have to be on the 'Compose' tab in order to use this snippet
[B]VGUI[[COLOR=blue]body_text[/COLOR]]:SetText[[COLOR=blue]This is a sample mail from me to you!][/COLOR][/B]
;; Note: setting the 'body_text' is a little buggy in that it won't accept
;; long strings at the moment.  Fix will be incoming.
; If you want to attach an item...
; Setting the "coin" values (for either sending money, or sending COD)
; Would you like to send it COD?
; Want to know how much the shipping costs will be?  (Note: Postage costs are so low that they're not included in this API.  So, this only returns a value when you're shipping an item or money.)
[B]echo ${GV[[COLOR=blue]int,MailTotalCost[/COLOR]]}[/B]
; You can cancel by doing "Mail:Cancel" ...or, to send it, use this:
II. Receiving Mail
echo I have [B]${Mail.NumMessages}[/B] in my mailbox.
; You would then iterate through if you wished using the concepts below:
echo First Message:
echo FROM: [B]${Mail.Message[1].From}[/B]
echo SUBJECT: [B]${Mail.Message[1].Subject}[/B]
echo BODY: [B]${Mail.Message[1].Body}[/B]
echo Unread: [B]${Mail.Message[1].IsUnread}[/B]
echo ShippingFee:  [B]${Mail.Message[1].ShippingFee}[/B]
; Does it have money attached to it?  If so, take it!
if ([B]Mail.Message[1].AttachedCoin[/B] > [COLOR=blue]0[/COLOR])
; does it have an item attached?  If so, then take it if the shipping fees
; are less than 1 silver.  (You would design your own 'conditions' by which
; you would take an item or not.)   Otherwise, Return it.
if (${Mail.Message[1].AttachedItem(exists)})
     if ( [B]${Mail.Message[1].ShippingFee}[/B] < [COLOR=blue]100[/COLOR] )
III. Misc.
; To Delete a piece of Mail
; To Read a piece of mail
; To REPLY to a piece of mail
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