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  1. Shaba

    Shaba Active Member

    VGCraftHelper was designed to automate the crafting process, and the Work Order grind. It was originally designed by Hendrix and Shaba, and has since been taken over by Shaba. In the following post is a step-by-step process on how to set it up, and get it working for you.

    * Can make any recipe that you wish, any given number of times.
    * Follow a given path between NPCs, and your crafting station. The setup process for this is very simple.
    * Automatically select Work Orders, complete them, turn them in, and repeat this process.
    * Add random pauses betwen actions, to simulate human interaction. This is optional.
    * Automatically sell Work Order rewards that you do not want.
    * Track the experience that you gain from each combine, and how much you gained total while using the script.
    * Automatically purchase the necessary supplies to complete a workorder.
    * Select Batch work orders first, and then sets, and then singles. This is optional.
    * Automatically remove runspeed and levitation buffs.
    * Does only one combine before turning in work orders. This is optional for faction grinders.
    * Manual Mode option for those who don't want the script to path for them.
    * Detects and handles combat, GM intervention, group invites, trade invites, etc.
    * Automatically repairs your gear

    Click here to download VGCraftHelper!
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  2. Shaba

    Shaba Active Member

    Your first step is to read through this entire HowTo, before taking any action. This is to insure you understand the process before you begin. I have tried to make this as simple as possible.

    Setting up the script for your first use

    1) Download the script package from the link in the first post.

    2) Extract this zip file into your InnerSpace folder. You should overwrite all files.

    3) Open up VGSkin.xml in the InnerSpace/Interface folder. Find and replace all instances of Filename="C:\Program Files\Sigil Games\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells\Default\Textures\VgrdParts.tga" to match the location of your Vanguard folder. Save this file.

    4) Load the extension. This is done by typing "extension isxvg" in the console, without the quotes. Once the patcher has finished, we can run the script.

    5) Type "runscript VGCraftHelper" in the console, without the quotes. The script will check my server for updates, and download them. If any updates are available, the script will close itself and restart. Once this happens, the VGCraftHelper GUI Window will open.

    6) Familiarize yourself with the window, and look at all of the tabs by clicking on the various buttons near the top. Here are some screenshots of the tabs. (These pictures may be slightly innacurate due to recent updates).


    7) Go to the options tab. In the 3 Fuel text boxes, enter the different Fuels that you use. For instance, a Leatherworker would have Solvent, Cleaner, and Softener. For refining you would use Cure, Cleaner, and Softener. Fuel 3 is not needed unless your recipes require two fuels. In the 5 component text boxes, you will need to type in any Utilities that you would like to be automatically added to the table when crafting, such as Adhesive, Water, Bandages, etc. If using the Work Order automation, these will also be purchased by the script if you are running low. The checked options below this are all optional, and are fairly self explanatory. Click save when done.

    8) Make sure that you have all of the crafting tools used by your class. If you do not have 1 of each in your toolbelts, the script will not work!

    Work Order Automation

    1) If you want to automate the Work Order process, go to the Work Order tab. From the Select Path dropdown, you will select the path file you wish to use (I tend to name them by zone) and it will select all of the options that you have saved. If you need to create a new path file, click on the 'New Path' button.

    2) Follow the directions of the popup message windows very carefully, and it is quite easy to set up a path. If you do not like the path that you created, you can select it from the 'Select Path' drop down, and then right click on it. At this point you can recreate the path following the same procedures.

    3) Once you have selected the path file you wish to use, you need to set up some more options on the Work Order tab. The Difficulty and Alt Difficulty drop downs will tell the script what work orders to select from the Task Master. These values should always be different, and the script will always pull from the primary difficulty setting first.

    4) Now you need to select the type of Work Order you wish to complete. From the Type and Alt Type dropdowns, select the two skills you use. If you are doing Refining work orders, select your refining skill for both dropdowns. Once you have all of the options on the Work Order tab set, click on the 'Save' button. This will save your options for future use.

    5) If everything is set up right, you can now click on Start (when standing next to your taskmaster) and everything should go on it's own.

    6) When you receive Supply Kits, the items that you receive as rewards can be sold automatically. Any item received that is Vendor cash loot, will be sold automatically. Anything else will need to be added to the list on the 'Items' tab. Type in the exact name of the item that you wish to be sold, and click Add. If you need to remove an item from the list, select it by left clicking, and then right click on it to delete.

    Repeated Crafting Automation​

    1) The Craft tab of the VGCraftHelper window is used to repeated creation of items. If you need to make 100 Dry Boards to build a house, this is the tab for you.

    2) In the 'Recipe' dropdown, select the recipe you wish to use.

    3) Select the table that you will be using to create the items.

    4) Now we need to tell the script which Ingredient Action (the first stage of crafting) to select. If you type 1 in the #1 box, and 4 in the #2 box, it will select the first action of the first ingredient step, and the fourth action of the second ingredient step.

    5) If you are using a recipe that can create 1 3 or 5 of a refined object, you do not need to put anything in the 'Ingredient Action' boxes. You can type the amount you wish to create in the Amount textbox. Click Start, and the script will make the amount given. Otherwise, put in the amount of times you wish to do the combine using the Ingredient actions you supplied. It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the necessary components to complete your order!
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  3. Shaba

    Shaba Active Member

    Known Issues

    No Known Issues

    Bugs and Feature Requests
    If you think you have found a bug, or would like to request a new feature, read this thread, and post a reply.

    Coming Soon
    Queueing of craft repeat recipes.
    Automatic aggressiveness adjustments based on work order difficulty.
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  4. Shaba

    Shaba Active Member

    I am back, and intend to get this script back on track, but it may be a while longer. Feel free to post any requests on the discussion thread, and I will get to work as soon as I can.
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