1. BackseatScripter

    BackseatScripter Active Member

    If you'll overlook the somewhat inelegant coding. :eek:

    This version adds the facility to automatically create a populated list of fish based on one of the four known combo groups.

    By selecting one of the combo set radio buttons on the Combo tab, it will automatically add all the fish I know of and set their combos too.

    It doesn't overwrite any other fish you already have or add later.

    The groups should match those already posted on the release thread so you can check the generated combos against that list or just use trial and error.

    I've release it as v2.0 but I have not modified the version history or changed the exisiting credits.

    If people want to test this, I'd advise making a copy of your fishing.iss and fishing folder (just in case).

    I'd appreciate any feedback, especially if someone more experienced than myself can suggest or implement a less blocky piece of coding for adding the fish
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  2. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    You and Zandros need to get together and pick who is going to release the script -- and then give me the files or post them or something. That way we can put it on SVN and then BOTH of you (or whoever else) can make changes.

    Zip files are very inefficient and there should only ever be one on the boards. I already took the last one that Zandros did and put it on SVN (and renamed it vgfish), so I assume that he has been working on it. It would be nice if he integrated everything that is within these newer versions, upload them to SVN, and then let met know.

    After that I will give you SVN access, post a zip file with "svn directories" in it...and it will be like the other scripts here on the boards. But, until then, let's stop with the random zip releases. PM each other and figure it out.
  3. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    This is the new discussion thread for VGFish (previously known as Fishing.)

    Amadeus has moved all of the files to the official SVN repository and a new .zip file can be found here:


    After downloading and installing that ZIP file (as described on that thread), be sure that you update regularly via SVN.
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  4. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    Apolgy on misplaced Fishing threads

    My sincere apology for the missing threads. I think I accidently deleted them while trying to move them to this thread or they might be sitting on the wrong thread. :eek:

    Anyhow, feel free to share your ideas and I will try my best to focus on keeping VGFish posted from the ideas/suggestions/fixes that are posted here in this thread. :)
  5. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA


    I have gone through the threads moving everything to this thread and encorporated the changes that BackseatScripter has done to the script. I can't find the older threads (messages from December to begining of Feb) to update the script for any special requests.
  6. Sckary

    Sckary Active Member

    I can't edit the other post to add, so here's more.

    Code (Text):
    Key: U = up, D = down, L = left, R = right
    Albacore Tuna: U L L D
    Black Bullhead: D L R L
    Black Sea Bass: L D L U
    Blacktail Redhorse: L L L U
    Blue Catfish: R U U R
    Bluefin Tuna: R R L R
    Bluegill: R U L D
    Bonefish: L L L L
    Bowfin: D L D U
    Cod: D D R D
    Dolphinfish: L U L R
    Eel: R U D D
    Giant Sea Bass: L R D L
    Haddock: D D L D
    Halibut: D D L L
    Jellyfish: R R D L
    Kelp Bass: D U L U
    King Salmon: R U L L
    Largemouth Bass: R L L R
    Mackerel: L L R U
    Pigfish: L L L L
    Pinfish: L L L L
    Pike: D D D U
    Rainbow Trout L L L D
    Red Snapper: D D U R
    Rock Grouper: D D R R
    Smallmouth Bass: U L D R
    Squid: U L L R
    Tautog: L L L L
    Walleye: L L L L
    Yellowfin Tuna: U L U D
    Yellowtail Rockfish: D R D D
    COMBO SET: B (Clockwise 90deg from combo set A)
    Albacore Tuna: R U U L
    Black Bullhead: L U D U
    Black Sea Bass: U L U R
    Blacktail Redhorse: U U U R
    Blue Catfish: D R R D
    Bluefin Tuna: D D U D
    Bluegill: D R U L
    Bonefish: U U U U
    Bowfin:L U L R
    Cod: L L D L
    Dolphinfish: U R U D
    Eel: D R L L
    Giant Sea Bass: U D L U
    Haddock: L L U L
    Halibut: L L U U
    Jellyfish: R R D L
    Kelp Bass: L R U R
    King Salmon: D R U U
    Largemouth Bass: D U U D
    Mackerel: U U D R
    Pigfish:U U U U
    Pinfish: U U U U
    Pike: L L L R
    Rainbow Trout U U U L
    Red Snapper: L L R D
    Rock Grouper: L L D D
    Smallmouth Bass: R U L D
    Squid: R U U D
    Tautog: U U U U
    Walleye: U U U U
    Yellowfin Tuna: R U R L
    Yellowtail Rockfish: L D L L
    COMBO SET: C (Clockwise 180deg from combo set A)
    Albacore Tuna: D R R U
    Black Bullhead: U R L R
    Black Sea Bass: R U R D
    Blacktail Redhorse: R R R D
    Blue Catfish: L D D L
    Bluefin Tuna: L L R L
    Bluegill: L D R U
    Bonefish: R R R R
    Bowfin: U R U D
    Cod: U U L U
    Dolphinfish: R D R U
    Eel: L D U U
    Giant Sea Bass: R L U R
    Haddock: U U R U
    Halibut: U U R R
    Jellyfish: L L U R
    Kelp Bass: U D R D
    King Salmon: L D R R
    Largemouth Bass: L R R L
    Mackerel: R R L D
    Pigfish: R R R R
    Pinfish: R R R R
    Pike: U U U D
    Rainbow Trout R R R U
    Red Snapper: U U D L
    Rock Grouper: U U L L
    Smallmouth Bass: D R U L
    Squid: D R R L
    Tautog: R R R R
    Walleye:R R R R
    Yellowfin Tuna: D R D U
    Yellowtail Rockfish: U L U U
    COMBO SET: D (Clockwise 270deg from combo set A)
    Albacore Tuna: L D D R
    Black Bullhead: R D U D
    Black Sea Bass: D R D L
    Blacktail Redhorse: D D D L
    Blue Catfish: U L L U
    Bluefin Tuna: U U D U
    Bluegill: U L D R
    Bonefish: D D D D
    Bowfin: R D R L
    Cod: R R U R
    Dolphinfish: D L D U
    Eel: U L R R
    Giant Sea Bass: D U R D
    Haddock: R R D R
    Halibut: R R D D
    Jellyfish: U U R D
    Kelp Bass: R L D L
    King Salmon: U L D D
    Largemouth Bass: U D D U
    Mackerel: D D U L
    Pigfish: D D D D
    Pinfish: D D D D
    Pike: R R R L
    Rainbow Trout D D D R
    Red Snapper: D D U R
    Rock Grouper: R R U U
    Smallmouth Bass: L D R U
    Squid: L D D U
    Tautog: D D D D
    Walleye: D D D D
    Yellowfin Tuna: L D L R
    Yellowtail Rockfish: R U R R
    Happy fishing!

    Edit: Dolphinfish, can be gotten after 250 fish skill in deep ocean
    Edit: Added - Pike, can be gotten after 300 fish skill in lakes
    Edit: Added - Giant Sea Bass, can be gotten after 300 fish skill in shorelines(non-lake)
  7. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    Thank you Sckary for the break down. I have gone in and updated VGFish by merging this list with BackseatScripter's list. My apologies for not jumping on your list sooner for I have been busy with my job.

    Were you or anyone able to figure out the relationship of the ComboSet to each character? (how do we know which toon is going to get which ComboSet) This info would greatly help future versions of the script.
  8. Sckary

    Sckary Active Member

    Don't think you can figure out which set a toon will be until you actually fish. But with the 1st fish on the line you can compare which direction your combo starts on to the 4 combo sets and whichever one it matches up with, there is your toon's combo set.
  9. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    Perchance, I am guessing there are 4 types of characters that might match up with the 4 different ComboSets.

    My Disciple is on ComboSet4. Anyone else out there can tell me what ComboSet their character class is on?
  10. Sckary

    Sckary Active Member

    My disciple is combo set 1.
  11. BackseatScripter

    BackseatScripter Active Member

    Combosets are fixed for the account, they are not class dependant.

    Been thinking about this at work, it should be possible to auto configure the sets, if there is a way to intercept the combo messages.

    Not sure how to actually code this but:

    Assuming that we have an autolearn toggle and enabling it loads ComboSetA

    If (autolearn && combotriggered)
    If LastMovementKey = Combo1 for Current Fish
    ;If the last movement triggered a combo and matches the expected movement direction. We must have the right comboset
    ; ComboSet Learned
    else if (ComboSetA)
    ; If we are trying comboSetA but it hasn't worked. Try ComboSetB
    Set ComboSetA = False
    Set ComboSetB = True
    else if (ComboSetB)
    ; If we are trying comboSetB but it hasn't worked. Try ComboSetC
    Set ComboSetB = False
    Set ComboSetC = True
    else if (ComboSetC)
    ; If we are trying comboSetC but it hasn't worked. Try ComboSetD
    Set ComboSetC = False
    Set ComboSetD = True
    Output Message "There's something very wrong with my logic"
  12. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    Well, that rules out that choice. The previous email from BackseatScripter has a good approach to it by first learning what the comboset is by actual fishing.

    I will use his idea to write a routine to do just that.
  13. Sharedor

    Sharedor Active Member


    i want to ask if i have to configure first to get vgfish working.

    normally i move withe the arrow-keys, but it didn't worked.
    so i have tried to change the move-keys to WASD and later for udlr (u = up, d =down etc.)
    but the sript seems not clicking the direction-keys.

    i have looked into the log, and the script seems to get the right movement - but it don't react (or wrong, i don't know)

    what could be wrong?
  14. BackseatScripter

    BackseatScripter Active Member

    I have found that if you don't update the fish data by selecting a fish then just adding it back unchanged, the script sometimes seems to have trouble with fish moving right.

    If its having trouble with all directions then the most likely cause is that you have remapped your arrow keys and/or WASD keys. For some reason VG occassionally fails to accept these keys for fishing if they have been changed, even is you map them back to original settings (or so I have heard in game).

    Try reseting key mapping to default might help in that case.
  15. wizeone

    wizeone Active Member

    would it be to hard to add a spot for loot not to keep? them damn boots!!!!

    otherwise this has been a great script
  16. BackseatScripter

    BackseatScripter Active Member

    I toyed with this idea but more along the lines of looting everything but then having a process that checks the inventory for certain items (inc boots and certain types of fish) and destroys them. Possibly similar system to the sell lists in vgcraft or vga.

    Other stuff I've considered is parsing the inventory for those 'Clumps of Mucus' and turning them into worms for bait.

    Also having a fall back system for bait usage so you add bait types you can use to a list and if you run out of one type it auto fails over another type if it exists in your inventory.

    Unfortunately RL work load and guild commitments are seriously eating into my time atm.

    I think the basic code required for these features is in circulation in other scripts. If I get some free time in the next couple of weeks I'll see if I can't butcher my test copy of vgfish and then pass my hamfisted attempts at coding onto Zandros for review.
  17. Sharedor

    Sharedor Active Member

    i am still having issues with the keys.

    i deleted the user.ini to try if the script gets the normal keyconfiguration to work.

    but now in the console comes "could not parse key configuration: "down" and "left" etc.

    do i have to change anything?
  18. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    That's a good question...

    1) Within Vanguard, look at your key binding and see which directions Forward, Left, Right, Backward are. The standard default would be WASD.

    2) Edit the file: VGFISH.ISS

    3) Look for the following (near the top of the script) and edit it to you key bindings. Look below.

    4) That's it... run the script as usual.

    Code (Text):
    ;===              Variables                     ====
    ;variable string UP=w
    ;variable string DOWN=s
    ;variable string LEFT=a
    ;variable string RIGHT=d
    variable string UP="Up"
    variable string DOWN="Down"
    variable string LEFT="Left"
    variable string RIGHT="Right"
    Let me know if that helps.
  19. Sharedor

    Sharedor Active Member

    that works. i have changed the semicolons.

    i have deleted them for the wsad-lines and entered some at the up, down, left, right-lines.

    thanks :)
  20. BackseatScripter

    BackseatScripter Active Member

    With regard to deleting unwanted items.

    VG has a built in command to destroy items in inventory, the ingame format is:

    /destroy "this junk item"

    So it should be possible to create a player configurable junk list, then execute a destroy after looting.
  21. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    That would be a cool feature to write which I believe three basic routines will do the job:

    1) Destroy Junk Toggle
    2) Configure button that will popup a HUD that will list your junk to destroy
    3) Destroy Junk Now button

    Another idea... we can just write a simple Junk.iss routine that runs in the background to compliment not just the junk you get from Fishing, but the miscellaneous junk from Diplomacy and Corpse Looting.
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  22. Allblacks

    Allblacks Active Member

    Ok i know this isnt the lace to ask, but im going to anyhow.

    Does anyone have any hints on places to get your skill up Post 300, ive made it to 313 but its taken weeks to get from 300.

  23. Eris

    Eris Active Member

    It appears that a minor form of script detection has been implemented on the fishing, and if triggered does not allow a skill up.
  24. BackseatScripter

    BackseatScripter Active Member

    I don't think its detection routine as it all works fine at lower skill levels, you only get skillups for real fish and the rate is probably higher for more difficult fish (but who knows with VG).

    I'd advise moving out to 200-300m depth water for a better chance at difficult fish, if skillups are still slow set it to release unknowns or try going to even deeper water.
  25. Eris

    Eris Active Member

    I was testing at 2 skill, and with ~20 fish (not unknowns) had 0 skill ups.
  26. abndrew82

    abndrew82 Active Member

    Cannot SVN UPdate

    Not sure what my issue might be, but I am not getting an option for SVN Update on vgfish, I only get SVN Checkout.

    I can do updates on other scripts such as VGA and VGcraft but not getting the icon on vgfish.

    Any Ideas


  27. drakamor

    drakamor Active Member

    Hrm none of my characters combo's match the presets.

    I think there is a little mode than just rotating around by 90degree incriments.

    some examples

    Bluegill - DDUR
    Blacktail Redhorse - DRRR
  28. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    I am thinking with the patch new combo routines have been implemented. I wrote VGFish but it was someone else whom discovered the combo pattern. If I know the new pattern then I can add them.

    As for "there is more to just the 90-degrees detection", I wrote it based upon 2 concepts: Distance moved and Direction Facing. It should catch it.

    If you haven't done so... try setting VG Settings under Controls tab "Cam Snap-Behind". This seems to fix alot of facining detection routines. Let me know if that helps with the facing detection of the Fish.
  29. drakamor

    drakamor Active Member

    I just cleaned out my combo's and started them over with what i have learned so far. still low skill in fishing atm. But getting the combo's added in as i go. A plus is that the game will list any combo's for you that you already have learned.

    If only there was a way to create the list off of whats already avail in the game.

    Say when you start vgfish it will check your fish info list for any new combo's and add / update them to the fish list. For now i have just manually added the fish when i find a new one, and set all combos to up, till i work out the full combo. moving through the steps.

    can't seem to pull the game var's for
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  30. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    If you can find the pattern in the new combo, it wouldn't be hard for me to program a new set and as it stands... there are only 4 combo sets identified.
  31. kbons

    kbons Active Member

    I'm having the same problem others have had. My wsad keys do not work while fishing thus script does not work (when fishing if i hit either the a or d i actually turn rather than react to the fish movement). I've used the default button to reset my binds but this did not work (didn't reset the binds . . . my custom binds are still there after hitting default and accept). Does anyone know how to do either:

    1. edit the script to use the arrow keys . . . i know where to edit but do not know what character to tell the script to hit to make it work, or

    2. which file to delete in vanguard that would force a reset of my binds.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  32. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    Try looking at the following post... it shows you how. http://www.isxgames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19118&postcount=18
  33. mart1n

    mart1n Active Member

    any update for this script? the combo sets 1-4 are all way off for my toon tried to edit it but it never saves
  34. ProdigyGamer

    ProdigyGamer Member

    I have recently downloaded VGFish and have the same problem, when you right click the VGFish SVN, there is only an SVN Checkout option, no SVN Update option.

    Is there anyway to fix this, I have deleted and installed fresh twice now, all the others (Kbot, VGA and so on...) work fine and can all be updated.

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