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    VGItemTimer - v1.00
    Released on 08/01/07

    About: A script designed to re-use an item after a set amount of time.

    Installation: Extract the contents of the zip folder into your InnerSpace\Scripts\ folder, making sure to preserve file structure.

    Usage: Type run vgitemtimer into the console to bring up the UI. Everything should be fairly self-explanatory.

    Bugs: I'm sure there are a few. I've done alittle bit of bug testing/squashing with some internal versions. It should work just fine if you don't intentially "try" and mess it up with blank entry's and incorrect item names/refresh times.

    Notes: This script was initially created as a request for people who dont have Invisibility and wanted to use Talismans/Carvings automatically. After further consideration, it was realized it could be used for other things, such as keeping expendable crafting buffs on yourself and even automatically using wands and clicky-staff effects. So I went ahead and wrote a basic version for the expendables, and then added a "Requires Target" option. With this checked, the script will refuse to run and auto-stop if you loose your target or your target dies.

    I've left fairly detailed comments in this script. I felt people may want to modify this script for their own needs, and adding an option such as "Ability not Item" where you could have it fire off spells or abilities every X seconds instead of an item would be easy. Good for raising skills I guess.. Probably a few other things too, hehe. As I said initially, this script was more or less created out of request, so if somebody else wishes to take over they are more then welcome. If anybody comes across any major bugs or whatnot I will of course try and fix them!

    : Please direct comments, questions and bug reports to the VGItemTimer Feedback Thread located here: http://www.isxgames.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9826

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