VGRanger v2.0 -- 2/21/2007

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VGRanger 2.0 -- 2/21/2007

This version is my complete VGRanger AFK Solo Script. It's a total revision and rewrite from the original 1.0-1.4. The script runs much smoother now and can be left running for much longer periods of time.

Be sure you have a lot of arrows if you plan on leaving this running
Be sure your armor doesn't break, as it has on me a number of times now
Be sure you're leaving AFK trying to kill mobs too hard for you

Requirements: (Note the versions of the following)
The following files are required to be in a folder named "common " in the same directory as the script:
moveto.iss by Dontdoit (Download here:
antiadd.iss 1.2 by Kram (Download here:

/* VGRanger
 * Version 2.0 -- 2/21/2007
 * Credits:
 * Created by Kram
 * With MUCH help from: Amadeus, dontdoit, Zeek, Xeon, Tsumari
 *	           Hendirx, Xxyn, and every helpful person in IRC
 * Requirements:
 * 	Required include files: moveto.iss & antiadd.iss
 *	Download moveto:
 *	Downlaod antiadd:
 *	Place both of these files in a "common" folder in the Script folder
 * Discription:
 *	This script buffs, pulls, kills, loots, and meds up. Then repeats the process.
 *	Your ranger will avoid pulling mobs that are too close to other agro mobs
 *	Your ranger will avoid adds that wander too close while fighting
 *	Your ranger will not venture more than 90m at max from your starting location
Version 1.4 Changes
 *Version 1.4 Changes:
 *	2/20/2007
 *	Fixed further issues of Kill Stealing with the CheckTarget function
 *	Resolved issues where the ranger would switch targets after openning combat
 *	Resolved issues where the ranger would ignore an add and continue going for his Pull target
 *	Added function to end scripts upon death, otherwise if you were afk you try running back to base camp
 *	Resolved issues where ranger would try to loot a corpse not owned by him doesn't own
 *	Added routine to move back to exact base camp if you dont find a mob to pull within 15 attempts
 *	Added code to reduce chance of getting stuck in a moveto movement in a single direction
 *	Fixed issue with mobs disappearing or warping (known VG bug). Now if this happens, you step back to gain sight again
 *	Will go hunting if it cant find mobs at the base camp. But still wont stray further than AllowedRoaming
Version 2.0 Changes
 *Version 2.0 Changes:
 *	2/21/2007
 *	Version 1.4 was never really released. It had a ton of bug fixes but also created a few new problems
 *	With that in mind, I overhauled the whole script. Basically re-did it from scratch with a few different concepts
 *	No longer pull adds
 *	No longer KS another player
 *	Handles fleeing mobs more reliably
 * 	Keen add avoidance while fighting (not just while pulling)
 *	Debug option (via the Verbose variable, set to true to debug)
 *	You wont fail to loot a mob anymore, nor will you run away from the corpse before looting
 *	You should never miss loot now, Never miss counting a mob, never pull a mob that'd be an add, and 
 *	never get caught in some weird looping void where time and space ceases to exist.


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VGRanger was the script I started KramBot with in the first place. It morphed into KBot eventually.

The VGRanger bot works great for rangers, but is less functional and probably more buggy than KBot is now days.

Also VGRanger isn't really supported so I'd recommend doing KBot which is more likely to be supported.
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