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VGShaman - This is the first of a collection "assist" style bot scripts that is meant to run in a group with someone else as the Tank. It will follow them around, heal them, assist them and fight with DoT's/Nukes/Melee/Debuffs or any combination you choose. This is not a Solo Bot script.

The script has a fully functional UI (credit to dontdoit), which allows the enabling or disabling of Slow/Debuffs/Dots/Nukes/Melee/Follow/AutoHarvest/AutoFace/etc, has slider bars for when to do all the various heals, buffs tab to do entire group buffs or buff a single person in your group, and rez tab for handing out rez shards are rez buttons to rez that special someone that couldn't control their agro.

Script can be paused and resumed without issues via the UI Button.

I have done a major rewrite of the buff logic so as to appear less bot-like (i.e. it fully buffs one character then moves to the next one)

How to Setup:
Additional Files: This script uses moveto.iss and faceslow.iss both can be found on the forums.

Files to Edit: You will need to edit one file in the ZTG/ Directory called includeSHM.iss the file holds all of your spells for the various categories. Set these to the spells that you have for your level. If you do not have a spell for the given category just put the word NULL in place.

VGSkin.XML has not been included with this distribution. You will need to edit VGShaman.iss and modify the line containing "variable string UISkin" to your correct location for VGSkin.XML. If you do not have a VGSkin.XML Blazer has written a .NET App that will create one with your correct settings. That application can be found on the Forums.

How to Run:
Once Vanguard and ISXVG are loaded simply type runscript VGShaman in your console window.

Patched for latest ISXVG

** Use "SVN Update" to stay completely up-to-date with any future updates. The attached zip file will never be changed or altered (unless we have to change SVN servers at some point in the future.)


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 * Version: 20070403.01
 *  -- Changed path/folder to VGShaman for all includes/skins other than common.
 *  -- Added back in isRunning, but feel free to take it out if it really
 				isn't crashing you (test it alot with both the quit button, the X in
 				the UI, and just ends vgshaman!).
 *  -- Added in Atom for group changes (to set up buttons).
 *  -- Added in function for setting up buff buttons.
 *  -- Moved the declare for default form to the variable set up include.
 *  -- Fight: added check to make sure mob is owned by me/us if in a group before fighting.
 *  -- BuffGroup: added part to buff Tank too if not grouped (so buffs self and tank).
 *  -- includeSHM.iss: Changed stuff to a lvl 30 shm for testing.  Make
 				sure you back yours up or don't extract this one.
 *  -- added buttons for runspeed, eb, lev....
 *  -- Added SpiritOrb and Rez routines and UI stuff.
 *  -- Made UI tabs name text smaller.
 *  (Optional) To Dos:
 *  -- Redo Buff buttons to be similar to rez buttons (textname, buffbutton, runbutton, ebbutton, levbutton).
 *  -- Make Boon of Bosrid button instead of including it in regular buffs (30 min buff).
 * Version: 20070327.01 -- 03/27/2007
 *  -- Changed Name to VGShaman since the script has been
 *			heavily modified for shaman.
 *  -- Massive Rewrite.  Added Follow, Melee, Face support.
 *	-- Added a ui
 *	-- Totaly changed Buff logic/functionality


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Version: 20070430.01
 -- Added Pet ability use
 -- Added melee combat modes: No Melee, Melee but dont move, Melee and move to mob
 -- Added support for 6th melee attack.
 -- Changed Follow to always re-check follow targets ID.  Ran into issues using just ID,
			after the follow character died they get a new ID.  Using the name works around that.
 -- Modified Harvest logic.  Should now work on harvestable corpses also.
 -- Moved version info to new file.  See VGShamanUpdates.txt in the ZTG/ directory.
 --	Changed default location for VGSkin to conform to community standard.
 -- Slows/Debuffs will no longer cast if there are 3 or more mobs in your current encounter.
 (Known Issues)
 -- New pet ability code can spam the client window if a ability has been selected to be used
		but not actually used yet. (i.e. pet still pathing to target)


Script Author: VGA
Version: 20100831.01
 -- Patched to work with the latest ISXVG
 -- Switch old style Effect to TargetMyDebuff
 -- Added new facing routines
 -- Added new MoveCloser routine
 -- Use "SVN Update" for future updates and changes
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