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    VGStayInvis - v1.00
    Released on 07/13/07

    About: A small script for maintaining invisibility with classes who's spell has a chance to fade early, and has a limited duration.

    Installation: Put VGStayInvis.iss in your InnerSpace\Scripts\ folder, and type run vgstayinvis into the console.

    Usage: Simply cast invisibility on yourself. This script will refresh it as soon as it starts to wear off, or has less then 10 seconds remaining on it.

    Bugs: None that I'm aware of.

    Notes: This script works for the Cleric, Blood Mage, Psionicist and Sorcerer. It will refuse to load for classes without invisibility, and classes who's invisibility does not fade early and/or have a limited duration.

    There is no UI for this script! It runs very smoothly in the background and I didn't feel a UI was necessary. It should have no effect on normal game play whatsoever. If you loose invisibility by some other means then it fading early or running its duration (either by entering combat, canceling it manually, or do some other action that would break it normally) the script waits until the next time you are invisible. If enough people really want a UI, then I will put together some small icon or something just so you can see that it's still running...

    Feedback: Please direct comments, questions, and bug reports to the VGStayInvis Feedback Thread located here: http://www.isxgames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1409

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