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  1. nyder

    nyder Well-Known Member

    I need to justify why I would want to spend more money on a subscription, based so far, on nothing?

    What's so different about Ogrebot? Why is it worth me paying another subscription on top of the other 2 i have to pay already?

    And is this the direction things are going now? We are going to have to start paying for more subscriptions to get updates of functions that was included with isxeq2 for the longest time?

    How about some trials or something to see if it's worth it?

    While I've used your Ogre harvest & transmute, I haven't seen anything to tell me what you do is worth paying more money for. Seeing as those don't really work like they are supposed to.

    I'm not knocking you, i'm asking for some proof that it's worth spending money on. Because so far, you haven't shown anything.

    So you can get mad at me, at what i'm saying, or maybe you can take the time to type up more info about your Ogrebot and what it does, and what it does better then the default isxeq2 scripts.

    Sell your product is what i'm trying to say!!!
  2. Hendrix

    Hendrix Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to point out that I have never really had an issue with ogre harvest.

    That being said, one of the biggest draws to ogrebot is the fact that you don't have to sit around and wait on someone to create a class file for you. You setup which spell you want to cast and in which order, the bot handles the rest (for the most part).
  3. nyder

    nyder Well-Known Member

    I'd get some funny issue with ogre harvest, but could get it to run mostly decent for the most part.

    Ah, I guess I didn't think of that about the char classes, since I have them all from before. I should of realized that because i've had a few people i play with start using innerspace and isxeq2 and i ended up emailing them my scripts because there was nothing there.

    So does that mean eq2bot is offically dead?

    What I'd think would be useful is having text files you can make for zones, or encounters listing which order mobs much die in, and possibly which classes can or can not fight certain mobs.

    The same with cures & curses.

    Just the ability to make a quick text file or something simple for a zone, drop it in a folder, and then ogrebot checks for that.

    But anyways, if maybe a feature list can be posted, or more info. It sounds like it's a good thing, but i'm on a limited income so i'd like more info before i spend money.

    And i'm sorry if my previous post comes off wrong, my social skills aren't the best, and I don't mean disrepect for what you have done. I do appreciate it. I just like to know a bit more about it.

  4. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Your original post does seem a little hostile.. but none the less.

    As with anyone that asks, I recommend spending some time in my wiki ( http://logan.warpigs.us/wiki/ogre/index.php/Main_Page ). Look at the screen shots at the very least.
    Come to IRC and join #Ogre. Ask other users like yourself why they switched, and if they still think it's worth it.

    I'm not really going to "sell" you on anything. I will admit, Ogrebot is NOT for everyone. I won't try to push it on people because I'd rather have people who want it and will enjoy it, than push it on someone that won't enjoy it.

    I would say the biggest pro to using OgreBot is the customizability from a UI. You can customize your nuke order, your heal order, etc etc, all without opening a file.

    I'll touch on it briefly since you asked, is this the way things will be going, referring to paying for scripts. Do I think little scripts will ever have a "fee" around them, I doubt it. If someone creates a script so good, that either is so complex, or time consuming that others won't reproduce it, then all the power to them.

    I can only directly speak for myself here, I don't require a subscription to make money. In most cases, it keeps people who are mature (or, at least some what mature) to using the bot only. I've never had a person yelling at me over OgreBot, I've never had a person be rude to me over using OgreBot.
    While I think it's backwards, it's the way it is. "Free" stuff seems to give people this idea they can demand stuff. I guess, what do they have to lose? When people pay for something, they seem to respect whatever "it" is.

    So much for briefly...

    On the wiki, I do have a feature request section that I work off of. I add pretty much any suggestion someone makes. There are no promises of what I code and when, but that is the list I work off of. Generally speaking, items that affect the most people get priority.

    If you have any specific questions about can it do this, etc, feel free to ask and I'll respond.

    Well there you go.. that's my sales pitch.

    P.S. OgreBot has been a creation for over 3 years, and I still work on it almost daily. OgreHarvest was more of a bet to prove it could be done, and was a month or 2 of work.
  5. Kevinshp

    Kevinshp Well-Known Member

    OK Kannkor is being modest. Ogre bot is more than a bot it’s a way of life.
    But really one thing that is great is the MCP which controls your other toons whether its to hail an npc to get a quest so you don’t have to hail over and over with each toon saves loads of time. It also lets you set a camp spot where your toon/ toons all or any one of them will stay throughout the fight or you can click the joust button and the ones set to melee will come in an melee if you want them away say for a bad aoe you press out and they go back to that spot. Works great for first named in labs x4 and last mob in rescue. That is just some of the stuff the MCp has to offer.
    Now for battle there is a heroic Ca area that you can set your big but long reuse spells. This way you have your big temp battle buffs for named mobs are not wasted on trash. On my swashy for instance, he has 4 spells that boosts his dps but they have 2 to 5 min timers and with eq2bot they were blown on trash and not on named that never happens now. There is also a pre cast where as soon as you tank goes to battle the toons cast these. You target the named hit you auto attack so you go into battle but have done nothing to agro the mob, your toons like your healers will preward buff etc your dps will cast anything that you would cast just as tank is about to pull. You can also set them to attack at any percentage of health of an NPC from 0 to 100% of the NPC health this is great for the stone wall mob outer vault all your toons will just blow through the walls all the way through then just reset for the next mobs.
    You can also easily tweak your toons for each battle remove or add spells as you need.
    This bot is so customizable and easy to use it’s a crime.
    If you get this you won’t be sorry. I was leery at first but now some 4 months later I am like can’t even think of going back to eq2bot Its just so much more. If you want to add some things just yell at kannkor and if it makes since hell get it in “although I am still waiting for a way to have my toon cast a repair bot but?” wink wink Kannkor

    This is my two cents
  6. fryfrog

    fryfrog Well-Known Member

    The cost of OgreBot has been the only reason I haven't tried it.

    I already pay $5/mo for InnerSpace, then of course another $5/mo for ISXEQ2. At least my $5 toward ISXEQ2 gets me a huge number of scripts, but another $5/mo just gets me a bot script.

    No question that it is tempting, while eq2bot does okay... it fairly often *doesn't* do well. I bet that if I tried OgreBot, I'd like it and happily keep paying $5/mo until I quit EQ2. And this is what worries me, because I only have 2 accounts and I only bot one account when the wife isn't around to play.

    If I botted a full group, I think it'd be an easy choice. Even most of a group would make it easy.

    But I don't, so I'll just sit over here wondering how much better OgreBot is than eq2bot.

    I miss MacroQuest2 ;)

    PS Your harvest and pathing scripts are top notch, no question.
  7. larrydoyle

    larrydoyle Senior Member

    I really think Ogrebot is most useful for people who are very experienced with EQ2 and their toons, and are trying to get the maximum performance out of them. I used EQ2bot for years and could do most content, so it is pretty amazing for a free product. But Ogrebot allows me to get very precise on casting order and priorities of every single aspect of the toons performance.

    For example, the best wizard script I ever got from the forums for eq2bot allowed me to get about 60-70% of the DPS I could get playing the toon manually. Now, I'm getting close to 85-90% with Ogrebot. Sure, maybe if I had worked on the scripts for EQ2bot myself I could have improved it that much, but it was easy to do within ogrebot's customizable UI. Same thing on healing ... just so much control for what to do on those "oops" situations. Ogrebot also has lots of more advanced capabilities that work consistently between all classes, like the ability to joust to specific positions or "autofollow" even while in the air when hit by an aoe knockback.

    I would think, if you are only boxing one additional toon, you are probably just fine sticking with eq2bot. After all, you are not going to be clearing Palace with 2 toons. Also, if you really do not know the class well (in order to manually do all the first time setup), then stick with eq2bot. The only thing I've found where eq2bot is superior is mezzing; that's not available right now, although I hope it will be in the future. I mostly got Ogrebot because scripting in instances continues to get more complicated, and Ogrebot seemed like the best bet for getting future specific needs available in the botting scripts. Kannkor's advice on looking at the wiki to decide is correct ... that's what sold me once I really examined the screens and could see what was possible.
  8. Allblacks

    Allblacks Active Member

    The one reason i would pump up Ogerbot is i'm lazy. I'd rather find something any brain-dead user can get up and running in minutes.

    Sure with a bit of work you can get much more out of Ogrebot than i do, but if you want to get a bot up and running quickly then Ogrebot is for you and seriously the cost is secondary when you get a quality piece of work like this. I don't mind paying for something but i do demand quality.

  9. nyder

    nyder Well-Known Member

    okay, thanks very much, I appreciate all the feedback.

    what you've done with the ogrebot sounds great and actually is something I could use.

    Hopefully I can afford it this coming month, should be able to.

    but ya, eq2bot works for me, but it keeps me from doing some zones/instances.

    More control would be nice, and having a UI to customise with is also nice.

    thanks for the link and info, and sorry for coming off like a dick. I shouldn't be posting so early in the morning it appears, it comes out all wrong.

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