What is the state of ISXEVE these days


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Hi folks! I'm back in town. ;)

I was reviewing the latest release notes for ISXEVE and it doesn't look like there have been any ground breaking changes since I've been gone. What is the state of the extension? Are people actively using it these days?

As far as I can tell from the release notes the extension is still focused on mining and moving stuff around. I noticed that you can access your agent list now. Does this mean that you will be able to interact with agents in the future? What about market access and asset data... Are these on the roadmap as well?


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Things are added as I have time/ability to do them.

* Mining is completely implemented.

* A fully functioning Combat Bot is completely possible right now, it just hasn't been created (and/or released) as yet.

* Drones are completely implemented. I do not think there is anything left to add in regards to drones.

* Travel automation is completely implemented. Even waypoints and so forth have been added. ISXEVE can take you from point A to point B without a problem.

* Salvaging is completely implemented. I've even released a script that shows how this is done. The modifications necessary to make it so that a second account can do the salvaging for a primary account are trivial and just needs to be released by someone.

* Market manipulation should be coming soon. It's slightly complex and I'm actually having a harder time thinking of how best to impliment it within the extension than actually discovering how it works. It's not a system that works well with a single-threaded scripting language.

* Bookmarks are completely implemented.

* Skills are also on the agenda. It just requires that I have some time to really figure out what changed a few patches ago.

* Gang stuff is completely implemented. I don't think there is anything left in reagards to "Gangs" or "Fleets" even that needs to be added. ..it's all in the patch notes.

* Friend list stuff is completely implemented. I don't think there is anything else in this category that needs to be added.

* Player Owned Structure type stuff has been implemented. I havn't heard any other requests in regards to that recently so I figure I've added what was needed.


Basically, everything that has been requested has been added to ISXEVE with the exception of the 'skills' stuff and the 'market' stuff and the 'assets' stuff. Unless I see requests I typically don't bother adding things since the userbase for isxeve is not THAT big and I don't want to add things that no one is going to use. So, if there are things you want that are not included in those three categories, please feel free to use the "Feature Requests" forum.


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Thanks for the update!

I have been running a lot of missions lately and I would really love the ability to access agents and my journal. It would make grinding LPs much easier. Also the market stuff is less important than accessing the asset data in my opinion. It doesn't take a lot of time to manage my trades but flying around and picking up crap takes forever.

I might be able to generate a list of stations using the EVE API market log and use the features in the current ISXEVE to travel around and pick stuff up. I don't think that would be possible from LavishScript though since I would have to access the internet. It would be a lot easier if I could just access the asset data.



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If there was anything I could put on my wish list it would be an updated .NET interface. Granted I could try and make it myself but I'm lazy by nature :D


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.net here too

I second that wish for a .net wrapper update, i've already started laying out the functional framework and ui for an eve.net botting adventure.


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The .net wrapper is updated. Expect a new release of it very soon. It should match the wiki very closely, and expose every isxeve field I know of.

If you find problems, post them in the bugs forums or something, but also try to catch me in chat as I don't always check the forums.
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