Will Isxeq2 Be Disabled On Upcoming Pvp Event Server


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I have a few friends that are coming back to EQ2 for the pvp event server. Although for the PVP, the bot wont be used, but its nice when doing dungeons and for things like track. I understand that DBG may put stringent monitoring in place, but curious if ISXEQ2 will be disabled. Thanks for the reply!


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Amadeus gets to make the call, but personally I think it should be disabled there. If it isn't - anytime somebody else gets killed by an opposing group that even mildly looks like it might be boxed or botted (even if it's merely a guild that names their guys too similarly to each other and goes out hunting together), you'll have whining about 'those darn botters running rampant and ruining the server'. At least if ISXEQ2 is disabled, when those people do their complaining (which they still will do, PvP always equals complaining), they'll be people to point out that ISXEQ2 doesn't even work there.


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They will more or less ban your account in a day or two! Me and two other friends got our accounts banned recently!
All I used was the radar...
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