HOWTO: Updating your ISXEVE Subscription

HOWTO: Updating your ISXEVE Subscription

Updating your subscription particulars

Honestly, the only thing that can be done with an ISXEVE subscription would be to change/update the funding source used by paypal when it makes your monthly payment. To change or update this setting, you would first log into using your account information and search for the entry on your account history that corresponds to the 'subscription creation' for when you first subscribed to ISXEVE (you may have to use the search option if it was a while back.) Although these screenshots were taken in reference to an ISXVG subscription, it should look something like this:

Figure 10

Click on "Details" (which will bring up another page that looks like the screenshot below.) Once you have made all of the changes you wish to make, click on "Update Information".

Figure 11

That's it, once you've clicked on "Update Information", you can feel free to close the window.

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