HOWTO: Manually Enter Subscription Information

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you created your subscription before July 7, 2009, then your "Paypal email address" is your "Login".

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the first thing you should do make sure that InnerSpace has the permission to write/edit files on your computer. This can be done by following these steps:

- Shutdown EverQuest 2 and InnerSpace entirely
- Click on Vista/Windows 7 Start button.
- Go to All Programs -> Accessories, and then locate the Command Prompt menu item.
- Right click on Command Prompt.
- On the pop-up right click context menu, select Run as Administrator. A command prompt window should appear.
- Type cd "\Program Files" or cd "\Program Files (x86)" for 64bit Windows (or elsewhere on the computer if you installed InnerSpace to a non-default location)
- Type: takeown /f Innerspace /r /d y
- Type: icacls Innerspace /grant administrators:F /t
- Go to your /innerspace/Extensions/ directory and delete the file ISXEQ2.xml (if it exists)

Once you have completed these steps, the authenticator should work for you. I would suggest restarting EQ2/InnerSpace and try utilizing the isxGames authenticator again before continuing with the instructions for manually entering your subscription information found below.

Also, if these steps FIXED the problem for you, you might want to download a small right-click context menu application from this link that will allow you to make these changes to other files in the future (or, you can use this program instead of the steps above if you're uncomfortable doing things "by hand".

HOWTO: Manually Enter Subscription Information

Entering your subscription information by hand

If, for any reason, the isxGamesUtility authentication tool does not work for you, you can enter your subscription information manually. To do this, simply go to your InnerSpace installation directory, then proceed to the "Extensions" subdirectory. Once there, open up ISXEQ2.xml for editing. It may have a few more entries in it; however, it should basically look like this:

Figure 16

All you need to do is enter two lines that indicate your subscription information. In the screenshot below, I've used "Amadeus" as my Login, and "flashlight" as my password. (Please note that this file uses the term "ISXEQ2 Password"; however, the password you want to use is your "isxGames password".)

Now, just edit this data to match your information and then paste it into the xml file in the manner shown below:

Figure 17

Once your ISXEQ2.xml file has those two lines in it. Close the file (and choose to save it, of course), and then reload isxeq2. That's it!

(NOTE: It has been reported that on some Windows machines a situation may arise in which the permissions on a file can cause problems with InnerSpace/ISXEQ2. If you find that the method described above does not work for you, try closing down EQ2 entirely, delete your ISXEQ2.xml file, and try again from the beginning. Many users have found that by doing this, their problems have been completely solved and can using the authenticator application rather than utilizing the "manual" method described above.)

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