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Amadeus, the proprietor of, does not provide customer service for any of the products made available on this website. Even if you have bought a subscription to one or more of his products, you will recall during the enrollment procedure that this was explicitly stated. However, you do have a few options available to you if you have questions or problems with your isxGames product(s).

Forums Forums

The forums provide users with several important resources: latest news and information regarding isxGames products, downloads and discussion for scripts and/or .NET applications written for ISXEQ2, ISXEVE, and other isxGames extensions, and much more. The forums are checked regularly by a core number of isxGames users, so do not be discouraged if you see old postings on certain topics. This is just a reflection of the fact that our products have been in production for a long time and most users are happy and content with the features and support.

To visit the forums, click on the "Forums" tab at the top of this page.


Internet Relay Chat

IRC is the primary method of "real-time" communication for users of isxGames products. (If you are unfamiliar with IRC, just imagine a combination of Instant Messenger and a conference call.) Typically there are several people on IRC, including most of the important script/applications developers for isxGames products as well as Amadeus himself. Just remember that these folks are not paid to be your support, nor are they very patient with "stupid" questions. However, if you've researched on the wiki and on the forums and still have a question or a problem, this is a good place to start.

For those that are familiar with IRC and/or those that want to use a 'true' IRC client, this is the information you will need:

- Server:
- Channels: #isxeq2, #isxeve

For those that are not familiar with IRC and/or do not wish to install a special client, you can connect with your web browser via the following links.

  • ISXEQ2

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