Cancelling your ISXEQ2 Subscription

Cancelling your ISXEQ2 Subscription

Ending your subscription to ISXEQ2

ISXEQ2 subscriptions are handled entirely through This means that no one here at isxGames has access to your personal or financial information. Therefore, if you wish to end your subscription, then you must do it yourself.

After clicking on the 'unsubscribe' button below, you will be redirected to paypal. Once in their system, it will display for you all of your active subscriptions. Simply click on the 'details' link for any of the active subscriptions listed, verify that it is indeed for ISXEQ2, and then click on the CANCEL button on the bottom of the page.

To end your ISXEQ2 subscription, click here:

Once your subscription has been "Cancelled", your ISXEQ2 authentication will continue to work until the end of your monthly payment cycle.

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