ISXEQ2 Setup: Prelude

ISXEQ2 Setup: Introduction

Gathering required information

Before beginning the setup procedure, you need to know two very important pieces of information:

- Your InnerSpace installation directory
- Your EverQuest 2 installation directory

ISXEQ2 Setup: InnerSpace Installation Directory

Determining your InnerSpace installation directory

To determine the location of your InnerSpace installation, follow these steps:

- Right click on the icon that you use to start InnerSpace and choose "Properties"
- Look at the field labled 'Start In:'. (If that field does not exist, you can also look in the field labled 'Target:' as it will also provide the path to the InnerSpace installation directory.

ISXEQ2 Setup: EverQuest 2 Installation Directory

Determining your EverQuest 2 installation directory

Your knowledge of the EverQuest 2 installation directory is vital to the ISXEQ2 setup procedure. Unless you're absolutely sure as to this important piece of information, please follow these steps:

- Start the EverQuest 2 patcher (Launchpad) as you always have in the past; however, do not press the "Play" button.
- On the lower left section of the window is an icon that looks like a hammer and a wrench (if you hover over it, the tooltip will say "Advanced Tools"). Click on this button.
- On the next screen there will be an option labeled "Open Game Directory". Click on this.
- A windows explorer window will pop up with the active directory being your EverQuest 2 installation directory. At this point if you click at the end of the address bar at the top (just to the right of the final directory name,) it will change to an actual path. This is the information that you need.

One of the most common problems with ISXEQ2 installation/setup is when a user has multiple copies of EverQuest 2 installed on their computer. Therefore, unless you are are absolutely sure of your EverQuest 2 installation directory, you should follow these steps before proceeding.

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