ISXEVE Acquisition: Step 3

ISXEVE Installation: Step 3

ISXEVE Subscription Information

(Disclaimer: The information below is VERY important and will only be stated once. Do not skim over or skip it.)

Although it may not be apparently obvious from the outset, ISXEVE and InnerSpace are two completely different pieces of software and, as such, are developed by two different individuals. Therefore, when you subscribe to LavishSoft, you are paying for the development time, energy, and expertise that was put into the InnerSpace project. In turn, you should expect to pay for the time, energy, and expertise that was put into developing ISXEVE.

ISXEVE requires an isxGames subscription in order to function. If you download the extension and try to load it without a subscription, it will have no functionality. In fact, if you attempt to load the extension at any point without a subscription, it will have no functionality (ISXEVE checks for a valid subscription each time it loads.) It uses https for this connection, so please be sure that is not restricted as an https connection on your firewall.

An isxGames subscription grants you two things and two things only: access to the features available on the current version of ISXEVE, and free downloads of new versions of ISXEVE as they become available.

Finally, the process by which subscriptions are handled will be described in detail in the following pages; however, for those who are worried about their financial information, they will be happy to learn that everything here is done with So, the customer is always in the driver's seat and has control. Frankly, it's in everyone's best interest to let a company such as Paypal deal with personal information.

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